‘Wokking a revival experience’

‘Wokking a revival experience’

Asian food is popular. This weekend in Amsterdam, even a festival dedicated to the kitchen. ask the chefs Danny Jones and Kevin Fan now playing on culinary, Asian area.

“There are a lot of Asian cuisines on the rise. The Vietnamese, Taiwanese and the Japanese,” says Danny Jones, tv chef at 24 Kitchen and author of several cookbooks. “In the Japanese cuisine, you can also see many influences from America and back: think of the pokebowl, a Hawaiian invention.”

Kevin Fan, manager at the Rotterdam restaurant Asian Glories, sees the Vietnamese but also the Korean food march in the Netherlands. “First there were these cuisines and more in the background, now you will notice that there are more restaurants to come in the higher segment.”

“The Korean kitchen is in America already very popular, in the Netherlands, there are still few good restaurants that this kitchen offer. But it is certainly on the rise. So is kimchi, a side dish that consists of fermented acid of vegetables, very popular.”


In regards to Chinese restaurants find a Fan that there are more restaurants and pubs are the “real” Chinese cuisine. “People now know that dishes such as babi pangpang and chop suey is not authentic Chinese. But the “Dutch” Chinese has made people interested in Asian food.”

Fan explains that the Chinese restaurants in the upper segment to adjust themselves to the Dutch public. “The dishes will be presented in seven, eight-course menu, with matching wines”, says the chef. “In China, is that not common: there people eat fast, and there is tea or soft drinks to drink.”


But also “fast” Asian food is fully done. “The pokébowl is now very hip, a bowl of rice, fish and vegetables. There are also more and more shops that noodle soup to sell,” says Fan. “It’s a very hip court. That you see more often: restaurants or bars that specialize in one type of court. It is nice to have such developments in the market.”

Jones closes this and thinks that woks a revival is going to experience. “It fits in with the eettrend of now: it is healthy, quick and nutritious. There are also more and more typical Asian vegetables are sold. Not only in the Asian supermarkets, which also more and more, because people like to come – but also in the ‘normal’ super. In addition to vegetables, you can also more likely to be Asian speciaalproducten buy, such as rolled noodles and rice noodles. These authentic products make sure that we go back to the essence.”

Thanks to sushi experienced Asian food in the beginning of the 21st century a highlight, with many all-you-can-eat restaurants as a result. Previously told the sushi-experts that novelty of these restaurants there.

“This kind of restaurants attracts its own audience,” says Fan. “This is why you can’t say that the ‘quality restaurants’ the place of all you can eat go take it, because people will always want to keep going.” Also Jansen is the “good” that these restaurants are there. “As a student, you may not have the budget to more luxurious to eat. By the all you can eat-things you will still have enthusiasm for the Asian cuisine.”

The Asian Food Festival will be on 26 or 27 August, took place on the strandsstrand DOK Amsterdam.

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