Without a trace-cinematographer Eugenio Follender lives after abduction ‘second life’

Without a trace-cinematographer Eugenio Follender lives after abduction ‘second life’

After he during recordings for without a trace, along with presenter Derk Bolt was kidnapped in Columbia, feel camerman Eugenio Folleder as if he had the chance at a second life.

“I am restless, full of adrenaline, as if I had any time for my life to run. And I am in a hurry, because this feels like a second life, that I should make the most of. Because the realization is there now that I really death. Only because I last such a message, saw a Russian in Colombia that a hostage situation had not survived,” said Follender against the AD.

The cameraman had on his return not realized how much of an impact the kidnapping on him as a human being would have. “I’m still in the middle of the process, but you can still tell that I have a persoonlijkheidsverandering have undergone. I was quite a docile, lievige man and today I have a short fuse,” he says to the newspaper.

Little bit crazy

Follender and Bolt are a month after their kidnapping once again to Colombia to the broadcast, which is broadcasted this evening. According to the cameraman went to the pictures in the first instance, not fluent.

“The first couple of days of running were a bit crazy. It was not as smooth as normal between me and Derk”, tells the cameraman to the newspaper. “But Derk and I have an evening talk and then it was good again. Of course they are at home, or I this work should continue to do so, but they do that for years because I was so often away from home.”

According to the cameraman, it felt good to get back to the land to return. “Just as it’s good to have after a car accident back in the car. Otherwise, you become too anxious,” said Follender.

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