‘With z’n all to Waasland-Beveren!’

Every Monday looks the Sport/Voetbalmagazine back on the past sportweekend. This week, editor Peter T’Kint about Sven Kums, the high voltage at Ghent, and Ostend, and the amazing Waasland-Beveren.


1. With both a tie this weekend will continue to have both Ghent and Ostend at the bottom of the standings dangle. Next weekend they play against each other, how realistic is the chance that this is for one of the two trainers in the last race?

PETER T’KINT: Ghent deserves Hein Vanhaezebrouck actually eternal gratitude for what he gave them is already spent… but also that gratitude has its expiration date. The biggest problem seems to me it is too much to incoming players. The aim of the game is gone, there are still barely any chances created. Suddenly, players have to that two years ago, the bearer were the team to pull. Add in that a number of boys with their level-think of Kubo, which dramatically filled in last weekend – and then you have an explanation for the constant scrolling and searching in this team.

Because you are difficult a whole team can be replaced, then looked in the direction of the architect. Vanhaezebrouck is trying everything to get underway by positive coaching, but that is frankly a little forced. He realizes himself that in this situation, every match is a crucial duel. That will remain so until he wins.

Also in Ostend, Vanderhaeghe for a very important match, but I have the impression that there is also understanding for the fact that he’s a tough dressing room to manage. With El Ghanassy and Proto are already two ‘characters’ left, but now you’re left with a disgruntled second goalkeeper Dutoit -this weekend passed, because Vanhamel got his chance, the case-Lombaerts, Rozehnal, Berrier that his best form… Against Mechelen had Oostende always have to win, it is inexplicable that they against ten man is still a victory out of the hands gave.

Strange: like the two coaches who over the past years as much as accolade got for their swinging soccer now rely on physical and duelkrachtig football to their own skin to save. Of course they both have to do with ambitious presidents, and rightly so, given the financial efforts.


Weiler is a strange kwiet. He is going to be a war he can’t win.

2. Anderlechtcoach René Weiler let Sven Kums from the selection for the match against Lokeren, and was initially also planned for the CL match against Bayern Munich. Any idea what’s going on here?

T’KINT: No. Weiler is a strange kwiet. He is going to be a war he can’t win. Sven Kums is in the Astridpark child at home. It may be that he is not satisfied with the performance of Kums, but then it is much better to do something internally to adjust than that now public to do it from the selection. To be, under pressure from the board, on your steps to return. There is no one better.

That he him even on the bench had held, I can the income, but this? I don’t think Kums type is that you should tickle him in the stands, as Club that, by the way did with Hans Vanaken, but it worked.

A Kums in addition to a powerful central midfielder, his return, still has his spot at Anderlecht. Only he often the ball can feel. In Ghent it was not a problem, since nobody wanted the ball and they were glad that they at Kums lost could. At Anderlecht wants everyone the ball. There must Weiler a solution for find.


Kums still has his spot at Anderlecht. Only he often the ball can feel. In Ghent it was not a problem, at Anderlecht wants everyone the ball.

3. Charleroi is in the lead, and just below the amaze Waasland-Beveren and Mouscron. What makes them so strong?

T’KINT: There are a pack of pleasant surprises in this league. Charleroi you can actually been no surprise any more to call, they continue on their momentum of the past few years. They are a paragon become firm policy. They succeed again and again in order to intelligently the loss of their strongholds to capture. Chapeau. Even though I am not warm to their type of football, it is based primarily on defensive organization. Very reliable, but not very attractive.

That last can tell you of Waasland-Beveren and Mouscron, which is really nice football serve, with their offensive players as an exponent thereof. In Mouscron is that Bolingi co-topschutter and with Govea as a creative playing point guard on the midfield. At Waasland-Beveren had your first Gano and now Thelin in the rush hour. The fact that Gano now more difficult since his transfer to Ostend proves how good there in Beveren worked under Philippe Clement.

And then of course there’s Ryota Morioka, the Japanese man Waasland-Beveren. He is involved in all goals, and perhaps the revelation of this competitiestart. It is only to wait and see whether he can confirm: I remember that Steeven Langil also once such a period had at the Waaslanders but afterwards wegdeemsterde. But currently, Morioka a pleasure to look at. I would say: all to the Freethiel!

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