‘With three defenders, and Brazil defeat, would Martinez wereldroem yield’

The topics of discussion for the clash with Brazil: love Roberto Martinez stuck to his system with three defenders, or switch to the Red Devils better to a viermansverdediging? Analyst Wim De Coninck let his light shine.

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‘The question is according to me not three or four defenders, three or four or five,” says De Coninck. “I think four is the most logical, but I suspect that it is on paper three and in practice, five will be. Martinez is in favor of the system with three defenders, but against William and Neymar, you can’t man on man play.”

‘Yannick Carrasco and Thomas Meunier played in the previous matches roughly 80% offensive and 20% defensive, these relationships will be against Brazil. The two backs will be closer to the goal.

Should we then also bills of exchange in the basiself expect? “If Martinez all changes, then perhaps Carrasco and Mertens for a place of their fear, for the benefit of the game changers against Japan, Chadli and Fellaini. De Bruyne would be to right shift, but the question is whether he feels like it. Mertens I expect the kick-off, but the defensive less strong Carrasco will, I think, be substituted for Chadli.’

With Meunier can do it, he played in the Champions League with PSG against Neymar (now his team mate, who was still at FC Barcelona, ed.) and did that reasonably well. In a vijfmansverdediging he has, moreover, the backup of Toby Alderweireld.’

Calculated risk

By not for the viermansverdediging to choose, take Martinez, according to De Coninck a calculated risk. ‘He reasons, perhaps, that he can only “score”, figuratively. He has already scored, because attractive played against Tunisia and Japan. If he, on paper, for three defenders to choose and the Red Devils turn on Brazil, then that will Martinez wereldroem yield.

“When a trip will be there for him to be mentioned, but a small defeat against Brazil he will not be hard whatsoever be considered taken. The Brazilians at this world cup have not really taken out.’

Finale avant la lettre

What does The Garden of the duel? “We definitely have a chance. Maybe let the Brazilians to us? They left on this world cup all of often the initiative to the opponent, watch the game and occasionally come true. But if there is accelerated had to be, did you see that they are opportunities met playing soccer. They received only one goal in, goalkeeper Alisson Becker also has not much to do.

“Of all the teams, forced the Belgians already have the most opportunities, but you can also raise the question of what the quality of the opponents. In fact, this is a finale avant la lettre. We go top. And have luck, but that you have always needed.”

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