With this voetbalfilms wants Cinematek you the world cup to be forgotten

On June 14, stairways, Russia and Saudi Arabia to the world cup. In the guaranteed hooliganvrije Cinematek you can from June 3 to find the best voetbalfilms. Five shots on goal.

Escape to Victory © .

1. Escape to Victory (1981) John Huston

A team of prisoners to play one-legged soccer match against a naziselectie and think at the same time to escape. Including Pele, Bobby Moore and our own Paul Van Himst (who, after his career finally wisely coffee beans top Hollywood chose) give the best of themselves. The goalie? All-rounder Sylvester Stallone, who, two years before Apollo Creed even though the bokstitel ontfutselde.

2. Zidane: A 21 st Century Portrait (2006) by Douglas Gordon & Philippe Parreno

A heldenportret on music of the Scottish postrockers Engines. Ninety-minute long (during the Real Madrid-Villarreal in 2005) and his seventeen synchronised cameras at the French ball wizard Zinedine Zidane focused. Spoiler: just like in the finals of the world cup in Germany, a year later, Zizou early under the shower after a defined. That time without “k”, though.

3. Looking for Eric (2008) Ken Loach

A postal worker with a rather unhealthy love for Manchester United by the life not spared, and see it not more sitting, to the French ex-ManU striker Eric Cantona him as the genie from Aladdins lamp wisdom begins to whisper. Amusing, light-hearted movie – at least, to Ken Loach’s standards.

4. Shaolin Soccer (2001) Stephen Chow

Mehdi Carcela a balvirtuoos? Well. Then what about spot’s and actions that a kungfumonnik and his brothers out of their slippers and conjure still a lot more impressive. Spectacular rescues, floating, focus, a Bruce Lee-lookalike, and other nonsense to pass the revue in this wacky Hongkongkomedie.

5. Coup de tête (1978) Jean-Jacques Annaud

Patrick Dewaere is sublime as the rebellious footballer who, after an incident at training not only from the team, but also loses their job, access to his favourite pub is being denied, and of rape being accused. And you think that footballers are a luizenleven.

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