With this passport you can travel to most countries without a visa

It is always such a hassle: arrange a visa before you go on holiday. Much finer is it when you can just leave without paperwork in advance. The inhabitants of these countries are happy because they are able to a large number of countries to travel without a visa to have to arrange.

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Arton Capital, a global financial consultancy, makes each year a list of the passports on the basis of the number of countries that you free can travel: the Global Passport Power Rank.

Residents of countries in Europe and Southeast Asia have the best hit mey their passports. The passports of the countries in the Middle East, their inhabitants, and without a visa is clearly a lot less far. At the bottom dangles Afghanistan: an Afghan passport trip you but to 23 countries without a visa. Germans, in contrast, have for up to 158 countries visa is not necessary.

Also a Belgian passport saves you a lot of hoopla. You may go to 155 visa-free travel. Belgium is a shared fourth place.

An overview of the strongest top ten

1. Duisland: 158

2. Sweden and Singapore: 157

3. Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, United Kingdom, United States Of America: 156

4. Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, Japan, Portugal: 155

5. Malaysia, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand: 154

6. Greece, South Korea, Australia: 153

7. Czech republic and Iceland: 152

8. Hungary: 151

9. Poland and Malta: 150

10. Slovenia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia: 149

The full list of all the passports can be viewed here.

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