With the rise of the Year, Eilish: ‘Bond has given her more than the other way round’

At the age of thirteen she released her debut single at seventeen followed her debut album, and their first # 1 hit. A lot of Grammy awards and now she is also the youngest recording artist of all time, which has been a soundtracklied for a James Bond movie. And what does the eighteen-year-old Actress Eilish such a phenomenon?

Eilish began her career in her own words-to fool around with her brother, Finneas O’connell, in his studio in their family home. The dancing master by Eilish asked her if she and her brother had a song, write a new dance routine. She took up Ocean Eyes, and shared it on the internet for her teacher. It was soon discovered by music blogs.

Four years later, Eilish has grown to become one of the biggest pop stars in the world, but her music is still true in the home with her brother. For example, the number 1 hit single Bad Guy, which is on Spotify, now has more than a billion times, and is listened to. Her debut album, ” When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? it was one of the best-selling and most popular albums of the year, and earned her six nominations at the Grammy Awards.

205Billie Eilish Bad Guy

‘That year, Eilish, it is as if the altomeisje out of your class

The Dutch singer, and a YouTuber of the Blanks, which have their own songs in a home studio that makes, you think that is the key to the success of Eilish also not going to pretend to authenticity.

“The fact that they are all of her songs are still as in the beginning of her career, and her brother does, she knows it’s personal, to keep. They are doing exactly what they themselves are fat and find it,” he says. Music journalist Jasper van to. “She has to work with Finneas with a very unique style has been developed.”

Van explains that, Eilish, by themselves from what’s left of pop-culture icons are expected to just speak to the younger generation. “She flies in the face of that, some of these games. Rock stars are often out of it as the perfect models; they seem to float rather than to walk in the street. They then may not be a superstar, but if it’s altomeisje of the class. They would be your neighbours may be.”

That Eilish herself, not always so serious and seems to take it, is speaking on the basis Of Van in her favor. “She’s got the humour, and does things with a sense of humour. She is honest about her imperfections. It is a very different picture than, for example, Beyonce or Ariana Grande.”

Actress Eilish, along with her brother, Finneas O’connell and colleagues of Lana Del Rey. (Foto: BrunoPress)

‘A radical break with the history of the league-the soundtrack’

The choice of Eilish as a singer for a Bond soundtrack, it is a “radical break” with the past, find the Van. “You’ll find that the Bond franchise is on a variety of fronts to try to renew it and to keep it off. The choice for that Year, Eilish will fit in there perfectly.”

He expects this to be a break with the traditional sounds of the league-the soundtrack is going to bring. “I think they’re trying to get free from that pompous arrangements, such as by Shirley Bassey. The song needs to connect with a younger audience, and in that sense, it has to be James Bond, They Eilish is more urgent than the other way around.”

“That year, Eilish, and the Bond would seem to me to be a perfect match. She is like no other, a tension that gut feeling into her music making.”
Of the Blanks, a musician and a YouTuber

The Blanks shall appoint the tension in the music of Eilish is good for a Bond film, it would be able to adapt to it. “It seems to me that it was a perfect match. They will know if a certain voltage, and that gut feeling in the music making. I think it’s a classic James Bond soundtrack, it sounds like you expected him to do.”

Van says, “this is no illusion,” in which Eilish, without a lot of the criticism will come. “They are frequently under attack, as the older generation does not understand that what they are creating. But that’s how it was with gangsterrap in the early nineties, or to be a punk, and The Beatles. The parents spoke of shame, and that made it even more appealing to the younger generation. The inevitable criticism is that the song of the Eilish is not a traditional will, it is going to only work well for the publicity of the film.”

“We’re still not Together, and Finneas on

The idea is that Eilish is a hype that will soon blow over, Of Van destroyed in short order. “And that she was only eighteen, it doesn’t mean that they are a hype. Michael Jackson, Beyoncé broke down at a very young age.”

He can see the future, but for the family of O’connell also be sunny in there. “There’s no one artist continues to be of the age of eighteen until his death, at the very top, and that’s fine, but as an Actress, and Finneas continue to do so, we are not yet in the process. And for that I am very happy to work with you.”

200Billie Eilish – fact (with Khalid)

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