With the protests against the pension reforms to keep the French tradition

The metro in Paris on Monday after as many as 46 days to protest the ride, notify the trade union UNSA-RATP on Saturday. Since the 5th of december in protest of the French against the French president and Emmanuel Macron, imported the reforms. Still, the protests of this size does not seem to be strange for the French people, ” says He, Pas, France, germany expert at the University of Amsterdam, the netherlands. “France has a tradition to uphold in this area.”

The Macron proposed a universal pension system,” it calls, among the French people, many said. The new pension system will be in the 42 to a special pension schemes, have been abolished and subsumed under a single scheme. The legal age of retirement rises with a 62-to 64-year-olds.

However, the reforms to many of the French do not come as a surprise, the French president announced the reforms in his election campaign. Why are French people always on the street again?

Only be able to identify with the protests of the French are, in part, on the basis of which the Macron is in 2017, when the president was elected. “That is a very, very small. There are always a lot of French skepticism and anti-Macron has been. You can see this now at the French in the streets. They will make themselves heard.”

In addition, it is the anger of the French people, according to Handy, is not so much in the reforms. “There are a lot of sectors, from schools to undermine, not happy with the reforms in the social system as a whole. The bottom line is that the Macron competitive markets to establish, in France, and that the process will be very, very difficult.”

68Politie seize hard, not to protest against French pension reform

‘The French vote with their feet” is

And it’s also the French culture, to take to the streets to protest. “The French vote with their feet, and they are going to claim outrage and force you to turn quickly on the street,” says Pace. “If there is a conflict, then it will first be stopped, and fast. In the Netherlands, you will first be discussed, and, as we have not yet come out, and only then, we will go to the streets.”

The French have what, therefore, cease to regard a tradition to uphold. Only referring to the infamous strike in 1995, which was abandoned at social reform. The strike resulted in the country for several weeks down because, among other things, the staff was on strike.

The strikes in 1995 that turned out to be successful, the government led by Alain Juppé withdrew the reforms.

As strikes ebb slowly away

The present strike would not have been as successful as in 1995, said Recently. “In france, it is now 25 years down the line, there will be different circumstances and a different president.” And in the course of a Macron, is clear: “He will reform for sure make it, he has, after all, announced in his election program. Macron can’t take it seriously, as he would see it through.”

The question is, in what form, and to an extent, the new pension system is implemented is going to be Useful. “There needs to be a little bit of water to the wine at all.”

The French, then the next time, onto the streets, until there is enough water in the wine is to be done? Only don’t expect the protests to make sure that the whole country is flat, it is laid on, as in 1995, what had happened. “Even if it could be done, then it is already over. These protests will mainly be slipping away, but it was clean, and open, like a heidebrand. I just don’t expect it to have large-scale social unrest is going to deliver.”

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