With Parkinson’s, diagnosed Rob de Nijs want to afscheidstour show

Rob de Nijs (76), which have been in the audience shared that he was suffering from Parkinson’s disease, want to have already a planned tour of a afscheidstour going to make it. That is, it will be in about a year, tells the story of the singer, on Tuesday, in interview with The Telegraph.

“There will be appointments for us,” says De Nijs. “In about a year that is going to take place. I have to make the first scheduled tour, which will take until next summer and then after that, the afscheidstour.”

“How long, how wide-ranging, that it is a little about how the disease develops”, it goes to The net regularly to further.

“I was given some medicines, and I have the idea that will catch on, and the quantity of the thing will slow down. I would like to do that to me all the way to the show, and there will be one last round of all the information all the way up to the general public.”

The singer is working on a new album

The Silliness of David-the singer is that his voice is now at its best, it is that he wants to seal up with the new music. “That’s a little harsh, of course, but it also encourages me in the idea to remain to sing. This will in the long run might not be able to live, but to create a new album, and maybe it will even be more than one, I’m sure of it.”

The ideas and materials are already there, says De Nijs. “In the studio, which can be as long as my voice is good and which will include parkinson’s disease do not have much to suffer, though, and that is separate from it.”

In september, The net regularly is known to stop the action, because he is on the Parkinson’s disease. In the previous month and was the lead singer during a performance on the stage of the cases. A year later, he was dropped. At that point he was easily on.

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