With De Bruyne in Manchester: ‘Re moving there in the near future, not in’

Sport/Voetbalmagazine should visit Kevin De Bruyne in Manchester, to visit him at his home back on an intense 2016. Some of the quotes.

Michèle and Kevin De Bruyne. © BELGAIMAGE – BRUNO FAHY

Kevin De Bruyne…

… settle down in England:

“I feel really good here. We are happy with how we are living, we are to settle, yes. Over the past few years have been hectic, it was intended to be a long project to start. Again, moving there in the near future. (laughs) Not so much because I 25 am, but just because everything here is top. What they also for you to arrange, it is perfect. Not many clubs can do that as well. Manchester is a nice city to live in, and City is a big team, that may still be without the history of the other traditional clubs should live. To us to write.”

… to work together with Pep Guardiola:

“On the one hand, he applies himself to, on the other hand, he wants to always be dominant football, and the others in trouble. Problem is that a lot of teams our very closed containment, so that the same look is in that part of the field. Where Pep is the most by is surprised, is that there is still a lot of teams with long balls play. He thinks sometimes that the teams are going to try to play football, because they are also against other teams, but against us, that is not the case. I think that for him sometimes, which is stupid. He puts so much time and energy in the search of things, where the space can lie, but then says against us, the opponent, the long ball will be used. I think he must sometimes think: why am I doing all this?’

… the failed european CHAMPIONSHIPS:

“There was something that was missing. Everywhere. In the team, in the country. From the beginning, the first preparatory race. That feeling I had. Everyone said: it will not happen, that does not work. I thought: why so negative?! I understood it not. That sometimes less was in the voorbereidingsmatchen, okay, practice matches can ever be, everyone knows that. I would think that you, as the country prepares that everyone there is going to be behind. But I may have had the reverse feeling. I would like to know what it was, so we the next time well. In a season, you’ll have that also sometimes, flow. During the kwalificatiecampagne we had that, certainly in the run-up to Brazil. This summer not. Wales and Portugal were called, who sat there completely in, and when that happens, you get there also very difficult. A tournament is short. You need that little bit of magic at the moment.’

Read the full interview with Kevin De Bruyne in Sport/Voetbalmagazine of Wednesday 21 december.

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