With 45,8 degrees, the highest temperature ever recorded in France

The heat wave in France, Friday, has reached its peak. It is 45,8 degrees celsius in the municipality of Gallargues-le-Montueux, just east of the Hotel. Has not been in France very high temperatures, according to weather service Météo-France. In some parts of the country, for the first time, a code red in effect, and four of the schools will remain closed on Fridays.

The previous record stood at 44.1 degrees celsius. That was 90 miles west is measured in Conqueyrac, on the 12th of August, 2003. While it is rare, in that period of time fell, thousands of people in France.

In the four southern departments, it is also a code red is in effect. This is the first time in the history of France, the weather is the issue. In 2003, it was odd, still don’t. In the absence of action by the authorities to criticism, to stand up, writes for “Le Monde”.

The French prime minister Éduoard, Philippe will ask the people to help each other, and on the other, to look out for. In addition, about four thousand schools are closed on Fridays and there is a center set up where people are with their questions.

A number of European countries, the camps are currently at very high temperatures. In Spain there are two deaths as a result of the heat. There is also the case in the seven provinces of the code in red. The heat is coming from the African continent to the European continent started.

Photograph: météo-France.

Probably the hottest June ever in the Netherlands

The netherlands on Saturday to deal with the tropical temperatures of at least about 30 degrees. According to the Weerplaza it is almost certain to be the warmest month ever recorded in the country.

Since the beginning of the measurements in the year 1901 was the hottest month of June, an average of 18,0 ° c, measured earlier, in 2017, in 1976. The current one month to about two tenths of the top, but it’s weerinstituut is expected that, due to the high temperature difference is maintained.

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