Wise (w)eaters’ learn why Ghent for sustainable school meals choose

To students and teachers to inform why there has been, since the beginning of this year in the Ghent urban education for sustainable school feeding is selected, launches the city council campaign “mode (w)eaters”.

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In the framework of its food strategy, a part to 2050, carbon neutral, closed the Ghent city council at the beginning of this year, a new two-year contract with a different vendor for daily 4.500 meals in urban education and child care. Those meals are characterized now by the use of seasonal vegetables, sustainable seafood and, on Thursday vegetarian. In addition, it was chosen to be twenty percent organic ingredients to use, like fair trade products, waste and transportation with CNG vehicles.

A do-booklet around those seven attributes of sustainable food should students and teachers aware of this. The campaign also provides inrichtingsmateriaal for schoolrefters. “Make that meal for the afternoon, something fun, create a pleasant environment in your school, call the Ghent Onderwijsschepen Each Decruynaere (Green). She also wants other networks to inspire with the approach. “There is willingness to use the know-how around the tender to share with other school boards”, sounds.

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