Wintertips for healthy hair: Use products, with a few additions’

In the winter, your hair along with your skin a little more care is necessary than in other times of the year. Two of the haardeskundigen will explain how to get these cold and chilly months of dry, frizzy and static hair appears.

“In the winter the air is drier, has a lower relative humidity than that in the other times of the year,” says Dylan, the Chef, tricholoog (haarspecialist) in the Haarkliniek in Rotterdam, the netherlands. “And that has an effect on the hair. Hair and scalp will dry out more quickly, and with the cold temperatures, that makes it quicker, static being.”

What is extra care in the winter, and can therefore do no harm. “In the first place, by the hair, to feed them, so that they will not continue to dry out,” says dr. Quintus Yesterday, a dermatologist-tricholoog to Intermedica office in Wijchen. “The big brands have a variety of products have been developed. Many of these products is alcohol, which is the scalp and the hair, just keep it from drying out. Try as much as possible.”

How do you know which product is best for your hair? “Please make sure you use products with the least amount of additives”, advised Yesterday. “Furthermore, it has been and continues to be a matter of trying it out. If a product you like, stick with it, especially use them. You can also get your hairdresser for advice, they know exactly what your hair needs.”

Due to the hair wash, and two to three times a week, keeps the scalp clean and healthy. Cook: “If you have a dry scalp and have a cold, your oil-producing glands, more sebum production which makes your hair grease.” You can provide your hair with peace of mind each and every day and wash it? “With a good quality shampoo that is not a problem,” he says.

The cook is also in favour of a leave-in conditioner. “And, if necessary, a face mask, as the oils in a face mask to avoid the effects of dehydration,” says Cook. You can use a mask to it, then this is the right order: shampoo, mask and conditioner.

The scalp massage stimulates blood flow

It is a massage of the scalp when you wash, it stimulates the flow of blood. And that helps to keep your skin healthy. It’s very simple: you put your finger right in the head and move your scalp, gently, back and forth.

Hot shower is not good for your hair. For your skin, you don’t. Hot water removes oil better than cold water. That seems to be a positive, but it can dry out the hair more,” says Swinkels. “It’s better to wash it off with lukewarm water.”

Tips for hair care in winter

  • Eat a healthy and varied diet
  • To avoid the stress
  • You should use a good conditioner and mask
  • Be careful with styling and blow-drying.
  • Our advice is to invest in a good hair brush
  • Do not wet it to her

A proper care, split ends a bit, but it did not fix it. Against split ends, and is but one remedy for the hair.

Brush your hair more often than necessary, it is

Static hair, you can prevent your hair brush with a wooden brush with pig bristles. “Our advice is to invest in a good hair brush” advises Cook. “Brush your hair no more than is necessary, and pay attention, especially if your hair has just been washed. Wet hair will damage it faster than a dry hair.

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In the winter it is as it is in other times of the year, according to the experts, to the best of your hair as much as straightening it or blow dry it. It dries your hair out. “But, in any case, it’s a special spray that your hair against the heat and protects you,” said the Cook. And put the hair dryer on the lowest setting. The hair styles and would Cook only on special occasions ” do it, and certainly not every day.

With wet, hair to hair damage

For the last wintertip of the two experts is: don’t wet it to her. If you are going out, if so, dry the hair then put a hat on it. An all-cotton hat is the best; of synthetic or wool hat to become hair quickly get used to the …

The basis of healthy hair is a healthy lifestyle. “People who eat vegetarian food, it’s best to make sure that they get plenty of iron, vitamin B12, and selenium in their diet,” says Swinkels. “But that applies to everyone: be sure to have a healthy and balanced diet. And try to avoid stress.”

In the winter, the more hair loss

Fall and winter are the seasons when a lot of people will have more hair fall than would otherwise occur. “It’s part of a normal phenomenon, explains:” Yesterday, from. “The lower temperatures is that the small blood vessels to constrict. This is the growth cycle of the hair, and influence.”

With a little bit of hair loss and is nothing to worry. If you want to ‘mass’ case, it is important that a correct diagnosis is made. There may be a haarziekte, which is often easy to treat. Yesterday: “The recovery and hair re-growth can often be promoted by a nutritional supplement.”

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