Winterhanden or feet, how do you get them and how do you get rid of it?

The first really cold days are already over. Last of the red-and-purple, and the sore fingers and/or toes? Do you suffer from winterhanden, or feet, in. How does the complaint occur? And is there anything to do about it? General practitioner, Sign up for the Vaal (47) gives the answer.

What are the winterhanden or toes, anyway?

“The problem is being caused by a protective reaction of the body. When it is very cold, the body temperature of the body is as well possible to hold on to the vital organs to protect them. This is done by the body through the small blood vessels in the skin constrict so that less blood is going to go, and there is no warmth is lost via your hands and feet.”

“This is a normal reaction of the body when it’s cold. After that, the vessel will re-open: the skin is hot and gives a burning sensation. However, for some people, it is not very good, and their body reacts stronger to the cold.”

Winterhanden-and -feet-in short,

  • They are the result of a reaction to the cold
  • Keep your body warm, wear warm socks and gloves, and keep the rest of your body from the cold
  • Don’t
  • Go back to the doctor with a very serious complaint

“If the blood vessels are too strong, and for a long period of time can be narrowed, as there is also less oxygen in the hands and feet. Think about your hands and feet is not good. To get that intense a reaction to eliminate it is doing to the body, if there is a infection and is. As a result, the blood vessels and the blood flow going. A disadvantage of this is that this artificial inflammation of the skin red and warm, but it’s also a bit painful.”

Is there anything I can do?

“Just make sure you put your feet and hands as well as warm and dry as possible. Choose to wear gloves, and thick socks. Do not wear too tight shoes and put, for example, an additional zooltje in your shoes, or wear shoes with thicker soles, that the sole of the foot even more protection from the cold ground or floor.”

“To protect also your nose and ears from the cold. And to pull it anyway, warm clothes, a scarf around your neck to keep it warm, and a woolly hat for the top of your head. Thus, you can prevent the body’s cold and have to register it and respond by the narrowing of the blood vessels.”

It is useful to place in the hands or feet to warm up against the heater or a hot water jar?

“That should be avoided. Because of the hands and feet due to the cold, the constricted capillaries gevoellozer to be, you run the risk of your skin burning. Warm up your toes and fingers and smoothly as possible.”

There are several ways to get chilblains, and winterhanden to be done to avoid it?

“Stop with the smoking. Smoking disrupts the blood flow to the skin.”

You will need these symptoms to see a doctor?

“No, no. In some severe cases, the surface failure, the symptoms don’t go away when it gets warmer, or if there are any other symptoms to come out, there may be an underlying disease or a side effect of a drug. Talk to the doktersassistent or primary care physician. There are no drugs to treat winterhanden, or chilblains. The only warmth and protection against the cold.”

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