Winning ugly? Media hits Trump-style in Iran, but sometimes it works

in the vicinity ofthe video Howard Kurtz: From free trade to military action, Trump enjoys the dramatic approach

‘MediaBuzz’ host Howard Kurtz weighs in on President Trump the aggressive business world style with handling, military actions and trade agreements.

It is a headline, the setup, the contempt for the President of the unorthodox style of governance.

“Trump’s misguided policy Moves, Putting the National security at risk, experts Warn,” says The Washington Post.

Never mind that the first three critics cited a defense of Mike Pence on CNN — were Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker.

The other “experts” were the two professors were easy to be critical and a lawyer, was supportive of trump.

Sen Paul: I am proud to be the trump card to show restraint with Iran

Trump signs executive order imposing new ‘hard-hitting’ sanctions against Iran, the response from Kentucky sen. Rand Paul.

But the piece comes to a Central question about this President in the Wake of the canceled air strikes against Iran, he can spare 10 minutes.

Has Trump? presided over a messy and sometimes chaotic process Of course. But sometimes, the style gets results.

On Iran, for example, many liberals have fallen, he pulled back on the bombing, the shooting down of an unmanned drone, as you say, he needs to put out a fire that he had started. (Maureen Dowd: “to write as shocking As it is, this sentence, it must be said: Donald Trump something really did.”)


In the negotiations, the President is often making dramatic demand or threat, sparking a media and diplomatic uproar over the question of whether this time he’s gone too far — then the hammers to find a compromise, and the claims of victory. It is the style of a stormy New York city real estate developer, the transfer is always a one minute walk away from the table, to the serious-minded, tradition-bound world of Washington.

Over the weekend, Trump called, a shaft of ICE begin arrests on Sunday, he said, they would stop the deportations of “millions of start” of illegal immigrants. The of the predictable uproar.

Trump, after a reported phone call with Nancy Pelosi, said, he the stop was delayed for two weeks, to allow time for negotiations with the Democrats. No one seems to think that a deal can be made in such a short time, but Trump points won with his base, by threatening mass arrests, and again, the news agenda was driving.


The Post’s take: “Three political reversals of President trump in this month’s run-of-ECB-style, a way that some experts warn, sends mixed messages and the national security of the United States puts at risk approach …illustrated its free

“The results of the Trump strategy on policies were mixed at best and only a few topics provide as complete a picture of the President’s usual brinkmanship as his effort to overhaul U.S. trade policy.”

Remember when Trump threatened to close the Mexican border? The Beltway went ballistic. He didn’t.


Then he threatened to beat tariffs on all Mexican products, starting at 5 percent, if the country is to flee down to crack down on migrants, Central America, the U.S. border. And lo and behold, trump got a last-minute agreement. It is difficult to judge how concrete those steps are, and The New York Times said most of them had previously agreed, but the perception — or maybe reality — is, since he has to move to Mexico to.

Trump even uses the tough-talk-tactic against Canada, before finally hammering out of a commercial business. Whether the customs duties will lead on China ultimately to an agreement, is another question.

The point is that, while Trump’s approach to the traditionalists, he rarely leads to the well-known threats in horror.

Trump delays ICE immigration raids

President Trump delays ICE raids on illegal immigrants.

I see a connection between the zig-zag negotiations style, and the repeated failures of the Trump the security check operation. To nominate rather than waiting for a full-fledged inquiries and background checks, the President announces who he wants, and often has to pull back.

The show is painful, when acting Pentagon chief Patrick Shanahan back to a violent family had to move past, it would be clear that it would be impossible to confirm. The same applies if the President had his planned candidates for the Fed, Herman Cain, and Steve Moore.

Axios received almost 100 Trump transition of the verification of documents, which clearly show the RNC and others were overwhelmed trying to check on the potential candidate. The documents show that the ethical and management questions raised about Scott Pruitt and Tom Price, who later had to back, their contributions to EPA, and HHS.


As President, Trump far more resources available to vet the nominees that are still on the search name you prior to the actual investigation.

This President is not to win, no prizes for a proper management process. But when it comes to military action, and the trade talks that he will win sometimes ugly.

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