Windows eyewear get support for VR games from Steam

Windows eyewear get support for VR games from Steam

Photo: Microsoft

The first virtualrealitybrillen which on Windows will run, get support for games from the online store Steam.

Later this year the first VR-glasses on ‘Windows’ Mixed Reality’. Among others, Acer is working on a pair of goggles, with a price tag of $ 300 is a lot cheaper than competitors like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. A variant of Dell will 360 dollar costs.

However, it was still not clear exactly which games handle could with the Windows glasses. Monday, Microsoft announced that the devices will make use of the Steam VR platform.

Microsoft also makes their own controllers for use with the glasses. That appear on the Touch-controllers of Oculus. The Windows glasses should be connected to a pc that is powerful enough to run heavy games at a fairly high resolution rendering. Still, Microsoft hopes virtual reality “affordable”, the price of the glasses and controllers relatively low.

The glasses appear likely in the fall, although no exact date is known. Later this year, will also appear Windows pcs that are sold under the names of ‘mixed reality ‘pc’, and ‘mixed reality ‘ ultra pc’. To those labels, consumers can see that VR-based games on the devices run.

Microsoft speaks with his devices of ‘mixed reality’ in place of ‘virtual reality’, because the glasses also cameras are that the environment can recognize. Thus, it may be that games and other apps to take into account the environment of the user which elements from the real world in the virtual environment appear.

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