Wilsbekwaamheid donorwet hot issue for artsenfederatie KNMG

Wilsbekwaamheid donorwet hot issue for artsenfederatie KNMG

The new law on organ donation, which are in the First Room is treated, sit on the surface of wilsbekwaamheid quite a bit of hooks and eyes. This warns the Royal Dutch Society for the promotion of Medicine (KNMG) in a letter to the Senate.

Doctors should, according to the bill, determine whether the deceased during registration wilsbekwaam was.

“How can a doctor ensure that the deceased wilsbekwaam at the time of his registration, a requirement in the proposal? Also relatives not always can. The KNMG fears discussions, and practical problems”, says the organisation.

“In the bill is, on the one hand that no donation takes place when there is doubt about whether someone wilsbekwaam was or really was capable of the public sector information to understand. On the other hand, can the next of kin of adults all their lives, mental faculties were, however, to give permission for organ donation. How should physicians act when in doubt about the wilsbekwaamheid of the deceased?”

No objection

In the D66 proposal for the active donor registration, that have already been through the Second Room is assumed, all the Dutch organ donor unless they otherwise indicate. In addition to donors and non-donors are people who do not respond to a letter from the government in the Donorregister registered as organ donors under the rubric of “no objection”.

The KNMG is not for or against the system of active donor registration, but is a bit worried about the workability for doctors to parts of the proposal.

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