William Spaaij want more openness about drugs

William Spaaij want more openness about drugs

William Spaaij is that more people should talk about the use of drugs. The actor says a lot of criticism to have had the after he was candid about his past with drugs.

“It is immediately associated with addiction, while I occasionally fun I’ve had with drugs. If I say now that I do every week heavy drinking, I’m almost a hero. If you have a half a tablet, is the world too small,” said the 33-year-old actor, in conversation with AD.

The newspaper tells that he in the past self-lsd has been used, and that now as an actor in the musical Hair. “I could take that experience as retrieve and immediately got goose bumps. Your senses go.”

“I have music seen, very bizarre. And I felt the water move in a glass that I bit had. I really have to go to the glass, staring. Wow. But I also had an out of body experience, I stepped out of my body. Five minutes long I thought that I was dead. I go lsd, never do it again, I found it to be scary,” says Spaaij.

According to the actor, the police have less problems with a festival full of drug users than a festival full of drunk people. “This means a lot less crap. You must be very responsible with them. It is now already some time ago, but I let drugs always check. Do it in a safe environment.”

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