Willeke van Ammelrooy: “it was Rutger Hauers’s first great love.”

For an actress Willeke van Ammelrooy was the death of Rutger Hauer as a huge shock. Van Ammelrooy, it was his first great love, she says to The Telegraph.

Van Ammelrooy was the pain in her heart, not as a guest at the private funeral of Her. That he was her first love made it more difficult for her. “I was on his side. I’m going to get it but it. In front of me, he had a pretty good idea of ‘experience’.”

When the van Ammelrooy at the back of the bike and sat down with Her young sparks about it. The actress allowed herself when she was sixteen due to Her ontmaagden. “Out of all people, should it do so, and even though I wasn’t there so much more to know about it, it was in my memory, it was pretty cool. Well, we were in love with each other, and at one point we had to just happen,” says van Ammelrooy.

“We ploften so far apart from each other, and how young we were. For me, it is very important that ontmaagding, was carried out by a person, of whom I have a lot of love.”

“When Alessandro went to anything else.”

The relationship between van Ammelrooy, and Her was over, when, Her to the of Switzerland, left, and anyone else you met. Also the van Ammelrooy met someone else. However, the two are frequently seen.

“Of course, We have a number of films made. It’s the Year of the Lobster, Bride Flight, which went very well. But it’s private… how shall I put it? You will meet him or he does not oppose it. To make appointments you don’t do it, because he will never be. To Help, everything will always be different.”


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