Willeke Alberti (74) considers that it is a privilege for me to be still and sing

Willeke Alberti is a privilege and that she is at the age of 74 are still able to and will can sing. That, she says Friday in a interview with The Dutch daily het Parool (in€).

“I was in a couple of weeks ago, Carr, during the Fall” s Kaleidoscope. I looked around me and saw the artists, jazz musicians, classical musicians, and what have you. That is, it is a privilege to be here. That is, no one says it’s so, well enough, ma’am.” Quite to the contrary. I was surrounded by love and respect for each other. People who are the way they want it to be.”

The singer is enjoying the new generation of artists to each other’s success, be grateful. “It’s so beautiful, and the music. That is everyone’s right by each other alive. No one asks where you come from, or how you vote,” said Alberti.

The singer is celebrating on the 5th and 6th of October, of its 75th anniversary celebration with two shows in the SEA to Live. “It’s the icing on the cake. I was in my home town two times for such a large audience with a musical journey to go through all of these years. Of all the songs with my father, again and again, and be Together.”

Still, a young girl from the river Jordan

Alberti, who was for some time in the city of residence, considers himself still as a young girl out of the River. “The west tower will always be my compass. I will take a look at the world through the eyes of the time. Open-minded and curious,” says the singer.

According to Alberti, her father Willy Alberti, a great deal of influence on her view of the world. “My father has given me, at that time, the Jordan river, and later on in the South, all of the music to be heard. That to me has been, I think, predisposed to different worlds, I don’t know. I love the music, but just as much of a Little Pervert, You, and Ali B”.

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