Will trump do without to avoid boundary wall government shutdown?

in the vicinityvideo wants Congress to strike a deal to prevent government shutdown?

There is no one else to blame but the President of the Trump ways if there is a partial government shutdown later this week.

The President said that he would be the blame, if there is a shutdown. The question now is whether Trump to sign a spending bill that does not Fund its boundary wall.

“Many of us try to help him,” Senate appropriations Committee Chairman Richard Shelby, R-Ala., Defendant on the question of hedging dollars for the border wall. “It didn’t work.”

And so, in the coming days, the house and the Senate is likely to approve some form of a short-term spending measure to avert a partial government shutdown in the early hours of Saturday morning. If there is no action, then nine Federal departments, only a few days before Christmas. Instead, a provisional, stopgap package just re-ups the remaining seven spending bills at the current level until the end of February closed. 8.

“If we do that, go to February, what happens then?” Shelby asked, not so rhetorically.

Not much will change. Except the Democrats control of the house in the next year.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., seemed confused why House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., would like to wrestle with the government financing problems, if you are matriculates to the speaker’s suite in January.

“I believe that the incoming Speaker Pelosi has to make little latitude a deal,” McConnell observed. “I would assume that your preference would be to roll out of the new Democratic agenda with the fresh new Democratic Congress.”

“I believe that the incoming Speaker Pelosi has to make little room for a deal. I would assume that your preference would be to roll out of the new Democratic agenda with the fresh new Democratic Congress.”

— Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

McConnell added that he thought punting-February “would be the desirable outcome from the speakers point of view.”

Au contraire.

Quote from McConnell, this is the new democratic agenda with the fresh new Democratic Congress is”.”

Democrats flipped the house, in part because of trump virulent proved in the principal districts. Pelosi is more than happy to tangle with the President on an issue such as the border wall. The wall can trailers energy Trump’s and enrapture the red States. But the wall is absolutely toxic in swing districts and suburbs.

The scenario helps Pelosi on two fronts. The California represents a Democrat, a pivot point for a lever against the President, and at the same time, on behalf of the liberal Democrats in their group.

In addition, an elongated wall Pelosi, would possibly fight to help the narrative, that all your side will do, tempering is the key to investigate.

To be sure, it is studied a lot by the trump-administration by a Democratic house. But there are only so many cubic inches of available news oxygen.

February fight over the wall means that news agencies have to devote some time to the wall brawl, and not only focus on the alleged misdeeds of the President.

Is there any question who ruled here? This would be a Boxing match, you could hear the bell ringing at ringside. Ding-ding-ding. Round one is over. The judge would award with a unanimous decision to Pelosi.

The looming question now is, will trump sign a bill – sans-wall to avert a government shutdown this weekend?


Trump was unpredictable to the subject. In March, members of the President’s administration issued an omnibus-spending is to avoid a government shutdown. Budget Director and now Acting, rod to deal with the White house chief Mick Mulvaney-ballyhooed of the thing. The house and the Senate approved the plan.

But only a few hours before the deadline, which the President almost triggered a government shutdown when he threatened to veto the measure. In the end, he has signed the agreement.

Trump faced a revolt from his base, when details leaked about the size and scope of the omnibus-spending-package. One wonders whether the President can all reject what the Congress decides, especially if his partisans mutiny threatened.

This is the essence of the problem, from the Oval Office, Trump held meetings last week with Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, Trump threatened the shutdown and took over the responsibility. The bravery of the President revived the loyalists. But Trump, the roar could backfire if he draws now.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders stated on several occasions on Tuesday that the administration was still able to build the wall – even without a Congress appropriation.

“There are certainly a number of different sources of funding, we have identified that we can use to few are given the money to us through congressional appropriations, which will help us to get the $5 billion,” said Sanders.

“There are certainly a number of different sources of funding, we have identified that we can use to pair with the money given to us by congressional appropriations, which help us to get the $5 billion.”

— White House press secretary Sarah Sanders

Such a maneuver is as the “re-programming” in Congress-ese: Take the money, the Congress passed already, and “reprogram” it for a different purpose than the original intention. Trump in a law under the Military construction/VA appropriations bill. The Army Corps of Engineers budget falls under the “MilCon/VA”. It is possible the Trump government could. desire a “reprogramming” of the Army Corps of Engineers money for the wall But this gambit requires sign-off by key members of the house of representatives and Senate appropriations committees.

“You have Congress’s blessing for most of the reprogramming,” Pelosi said

That is, an administration can shift a little bit of money for purposes not sanctioned by the Congress But we are only talking about a few million dollars here. That’s million with an “M.” Pocket lint in Washington.


The Trump-government says it is to circumvent the possible routes of the Congress. This is a problem, because article I, section 9 of the Constitution grants Congress the power of the purse.

“You should read the Constitution,” said a person familiar with the congressional appropriations process. Another source said, “It’s a sh–storm,” to deal if the White house, Capitol Hill trying.

Not congressional Republicans have the back of the President? As Shelby said, you tried to help. But the political road could not accommodate what is required trump. Keep in mind that many GOPers fear that the voters would blame them for a shutdown. So you were willing to convert to money.

A scenario like this seems to unfold in much the same way every Christmas in Washington. It is a crisis du jour. The pages appear to be steeled in their determination. And then, almost at the last minute, someone does not buckle until the Nicholas sliding down the chimney.

In truth, the result of this Blockade was likely to be determined by the most influential people in Washington. It is not the legislature, but the legislators, spouses and their families. After all, they all want to go home for Christmas.

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