Will be drawn to the groepszege? It would be the fifth time

A tie and a yellow card for the English. In that scenario, both Belgium and England at ten o’clock this evening in Moscow the lotingbokaal in. Because the number of points, goal difference, number of goals scored and cards of both countries are equal, would there be a tie for who the groepszege grabs in group G. And that would be already the fifth time at a world championship.

It is not inconceivable that there will be a tie for the group profit in Group G. © BELGA

1954: between Brazil and Yugoslavia

On the fifth edition of the world cup for the first time drawn tíjdens the tournament. In the group stage ended the Brazil of Djalma and Nilton Santos and the Yugoslavia of the late success coach Vujadin Boskov with an equal number of points (3). Brazil had a goal difference of +5, Yugoslavia’s only +1, but that was no criterion to decide on group profit.

The fate certain to demand that the groepszege to Brazil went. Of an easier opponent then was also a myth, because both countries were in the quarter-finals already against a subsequent finalist. For Brazil, Hungary was the terminus. Yugoslavia was by West Germany turned off.

1954: between Uruguay and Austria

That year, decided to draw even in two groups on the gold. Also Uruguay and Austria achieved the same number of points in the group stage. Both countries took even zero tegendoelpunten. Notable: at the time, there were four teams in one group, but there were only two games played. So there was one team against which you have not played. And I were in Uruguay and Austria to the quarterfinals without against each other to play.

1970: between Mexico and USSR

Sixteen years later there would again be a tie at a world cup. Belgium is in a group visit to the Soviet Union, Mexico, and El Salvador. The Red Devils win only of El Salvador and create no chance on the groepszege. That is for the Soviets or for the Mexicans. Each of the five points and a goal difference of plus five. Lots but!

The fate linking Mexico to the Italy of Roberto Boninsegna and Luigi Riva. The Soviet Union comes across Uruguay. Later it would become nothing more part, because both the Soviet Union and Mexico in the quarter-finals off.

1990: between Ireland and the Netherlands

The last time that two countries back the lotingbokaal occasion was at the world cup of 1990. England won the group, before Ireland and the Netherlands. Both the Irish and the Dutch had the same number of points, an identical doelpuntensaldo and also the same amount of goals made. A fairplayklassement at that time was still not the case and so there was drawn.

One team would always be at a disadvantage, as those found in the eighth-finals to the eventual winner West Germany. The netherlands pulled on the shortest end and was immediately turned off. Ireland struck Romania and held a round longer. Against Italy in the quarter finals still, the game is over.

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