Wild game stew and mulled wine in the winter, making it ideal for the barbecue

Can’t wait for spring and the grill out of the shed for? That is, it is not at all necessary. Also, if it’s cold, you can go ahead and have a barbecue.

With their friends out in the cold around a warm fire grill, is the future of Charlotte Fielmich, ‘Madame Charlotte’, even though it’s more fun than a barbecue in the summer. In any case, it’s so nice that they are there in a book writing about: It’s winter BBQ-book with tips and recipes. “After I eat the cream puffs at the flame, with a drink included. And, eventually, a thick sweater, of course.”

Preparing for a winter barbecue is really not much different than that of a zomerbarbecue. “It is, however, very useful in as much as possible in the kitchen to prepare it, so you get out as little as possible, don’t have to do it,” says the culinary barbecuecateraar Joeri Kruize of BAQ-fiets.

It’s all about the preparation

Kruize, for example, one day in advance for a soup or stew, on the grill to be warmed up. For the soup, you can have typical wintervegetables to use it. Think of it as a pumpkin soup, bean soup are, or Drenthe, pea soup with a clove, and a dry sausage,” says Kruize, of the origin of Engineering.

At a bbq for a lot of people have the meat. “In the winter, it is good for game or poultry to be grilled. Think of a chicken, a deer or a wild boar,” said Kruize. Wild boar have recently roasted, and therefore, the meat is nice and rose continues. In the flesh, it fits also very well in a stew.

Fielmich names in the book are also guinea fowl, pork chop, grilled mackerel, and cooked cheese in a box. For example, a Vacherin, a boerenbrie, or camembert cheese.”

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Typical winter products

Also, truffle, and mushrooms and are a real winter products. “You’re taking this to be the best truffeltapenade”, says Kruize. “Oil is a quite extreme flavor.”

“With a portobello, for example, the perfect veggie burger,” says Fielmich to. “Grill it on the bbq until both sides nice and brown and striped.”

A lot of the typical wintervegetables are doing a great job on the grill: onions, butternut squash, celery root, parsnip, cauliflower, carrot. Hard vegetables, it is best to just as in advance of poaching”, says Kruize.

As a side tips Fielmich, a couscous salad, a seasonal coleslaw red cabbage, parsnips, and carrots, and a homemade (pita)bread. “In the oven or on the grill,” she says. “This last one will only work on a built-in barbecue with a lid. Press the balls of dough, flatten and fry for about five minutes on a grate or in a bakplaatje until they are a light brown color, and opbollen.”

Briquettes, coal, or wood?

  • You’ve got a lot of food, then you will have a long time and a lot of fire is needed. You need to choose a good layer of brick with a layer of charcoal.
  • Do you have a small company or a single product, to be called grilt, it is a good layer of charcoal is sufficient.
  • If you go a long time to stew and simmer for a fire that you simply opstookt.

Hot and strong drinks

In regards to drinks, think Kruize with a strong red wine with a slightly heavier beer at the time. Also the mulled wine is delicious when it’s cold. “Make it yourself, it is not difficult at all”, says Kruize. “With a good red wine, orange and cloves, you can go a long way.”

Fielmich is hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick and some kardemompeulen for the perfect winter drink. “Do you want a soft, warm, than, apple, or pear juice.” Or for the perfect cup of tea: “Place a pot of earl grey or other strong English tea. Add one or two cloves to taste, honey, let’s have tea in a cast-iron pot – just draw it on a hot part of the grill.”

Out of the wind, but it is not to be confined

According to Kruize, it would be better somewhere with a fire to make. In a fireplace, for example, where your guests will be able to assist. The bbq is a little further down the road, so that he can have a smoke. “It’s not a problem if it’s raining,” said Kruize. “Care for a shelter, possibly in a party tent or parasol to your guests, and a separate small roof covering the grill.”

Make sure that you are not in the wind, but also not too sheltered,” advises Kruize. “You want to smoke it all the way, but in the winter it will get really really cold. And make sure you have sufficient lighting, especially on the grill itself. So as you can see, there is a barbecue going on.”

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