‘Wikileaks was holding documents about transaction from Syria to Russia behind’

‘Wikileaks was holding documents about transaction from Syria to Russia behind’

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Klokkenluidersite Wikileaks has the documents withheld on a transaction of Syria to a Russian state-owned bank in 2011.

The Syrian Central Bank in 2011, a total amount of 2 billion euro will be transferred to the Russian state-owned bank VTB Bank, writes The Daily Dot, on the basis of secret Us rechtbankdocumenten that the site has seen.

The amount is transferred on the eve of the Syrian civil war. The Syrian government of president Bashar al-Assad got all of the economic sanctions of the West for her to choose.

In 2012, hackers compromised the computer systems of the Syrian government. In addition, given the hackers more than two million internal e-mails in the hands, which were then passed on to Wikileaks.


The documents are in 2012, Wikileaks published under the name “the Syria Files”. The e-mail exchange about the transaction on the Russian bank and open an account there, and sat there.

According to The Daily Dot, there are other mails from the Syrian ministry of Finance and / or published. Also, there are other e-mails on the internet were taken on the same day were sent and are intercepted by the hackgroep.


Documents about transactions to banks in Germany and Austria are included in the database. In a chatlog of the hacker that the intrusion was performed, showed one of the hackers know that he is “more afraid of the Russians than for Assad”.

He hoped that Russia “not kill him” for the leaking of the documents about the transaction.


Wikileaks denies that the documents have been withheld. “All documents on Syria that Wikileaks has intercepted have been published, and authentic.”

It is unclear why the documents about the transactions are missing. It is suspected that Wikileaks aware of the information withheld to Russia in a bad light.


There are persistent rumors about the ties between Wikileaks and Russia. Wikileaks would be possible to cooperate with Russia for the publishing of sensitive information.

Russia is accused to have broken into the systems of the American Democratic y, so the elections in the country to influence. Internal e-mails of the party were by Wikileaks published.

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