Wijnaldum: ‘the Second goal, in the republic of belarus are by far my favorite in Orange”

Georginio Wijnaldum was on Sunday critical of the Dutch national team after the 1-2 victory against belarus in EURO qualifying, all of it was the matchwinner, however, is happy with his two goals, and it’s a good result for you.

Wijnaldum put the Dutch team in the 32nd minute lead with a fine header, but it was his second goal that will appeal to the imagination. The 28-year-old midfielder drove the ball in from one metre, or 25 metres of the intersection.

“He was good at it,” said Wijnaldum, with a smile on their faces in the bbc news. “This was, by far, is my most beautiful goal in the Orange.”

The native Dutchman, who, under Ronald Koeman on seven occasions has scored in sixteen of the national football team, gave the Dutch team the three points on a difficult night in There. The orange had been, at least in the second half, hard, against the rough, White-Russia, and the number 82 in the FIFA rankings.

“We can do much better, and that’s what we’ve been showing,” said Wijnaldum. “We weren’t stuck in the us more, so we have a lot of the ball and lost it. It was Thursday, and against Northern Ireland in a difficult 3-1 win, ed.). even if it is the case. But anyway, we were at peace, with 0 to 2 for doing so.”

The orange and Georginio Wijnaldum will celebrate the 0-1. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

“We thought it was too easy on”

In the 54th minute, White-Russia, and a hit by Stanislav Dragun back to 1-2, and that was the beginning of a long and heavy for the second half of the Orange. “It’s very frustrating the way in which such a goal, give it away”, expected to Wijnaldum. “We were there, especially in the second half, easily.”

“It’s hard to say why this is so. However, we were 0-2 against a team that is less than that of the teams that we have been fortunate. Fortunately, we can win the race, though.”

By winning the Dutch national team for next month’s away game against Northern Ireland need a draw to qualify for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS next year. “We are very pleased that we are so close to the CHAMPIONSHIP, but we are also critical of it,” said Wijnaldum. “It’s still a stretch, and we want to get better and better.”

“The big lesson from today is that we are always focused to keep. But it’s going to be fine. The positive thing about this week is that we have six points and have been caught. We will also have time at the Orange, that we are bad games and then games will be lost.”

The netherlands, on the 16th of november, on a visit to the North of the island of Ireland. Three days later, the thuisduel with Estonia, the last match in the group stage of the european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifier.

Position in group c.

  • 1. The netherlands: 6-15 (19-7)
  • 2. Germany: 5-12 (17-6)
  • 3. Northern Ireland: 6-12 (8-7)
  • 4. Belarus-Russia 7-4 (4-12 Years Old)
  • 5. Estonia: 6-1 (2-18)

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