Wietze de Jager will find raids for Frank Dane ‘sign of confidence’

Wietze de Jager this week for Frank Dane in the ochtendshow of Radio 538. The radio dj, who for many years together with Mattie Valk in the morning, was heard at Q Music, will find that this is a sign of trust.

In conversation with The Telegraph calls the producer, furthermore, it is a “great compliment”. After the whole affair with Valk, who, without his knowledge, a new contract signed with Q Music, was The Hunter for a while not to hear on the radio because of a noncompete. He made in that period, especially television. However, now he’s back weekly on Radio 538.

“It is the most beautiful thing there is. A radio show is so much more personal than a tv format, where a lot more people to work. That is clear to me now. A radio show is like a house that’s never finished. You keep it scraping and painting. Tv is very different. Than stores and is the of the tube, while in the radio quiet build and you. A great tv contract, but then never more radio? I would sure be grateful.”

The Hunter noticed that his confidence in humanity a blow suffered by the situation with Valk. “If you trust in general, a dent is injured, he can also be repercussions to your self-confidence and that you should not have. I have always believed that something new would come up and that has also happened.”

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