Wietolie, hennepthee and cannabiscrème: what is it good for?

Cannabis: we all know it, especially as a softdrug. But when the chemist and the electric machinery can be of tea, creams and lotions, bottles of oil and even the e-cigarette to buy that are made from this plant. Where are these products good for?

The cannabis products can be used for symptoms such as insomnia and eczema, the digestive system, lend a hand, to calm down, or just to be active. They are also used for skin problems, to brain function to improve, for epilepsy, and in the hope that cancer can be inhibiting. This is the so-called CBD products that are legal, as the CBD has no psychoactive effect.

That’s an important point, for it is in the cannabis plant, is sitting next to CBD, the substance with THC. And the products of that substance are not available. The possession of products containing THC, it is subject to strict conditions. Thus, it is the possession of not more than 5 grams of salt per person is allowed. If the possession is a violation of the opium act. Possession of a higher dose is allowed only if it is prescribed by a doctor.

What are CBD’s and THC?

  • CBD stands for cannabidiol, THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. These substances include cannabinoids, and it can be found in the plant Cannabis sativa, which is hash and weed to be extracted. The THC makes for a stoned or high feeling, and CBD does not have psychoactive effects. These chemicals work on the cannabinoid system in our body. This system plays an important role in many processes, including the immune system, hormone production, and as a detector in pain. Hit us with your own endocannabinoid system in the war, then the CBD oil will help to regain the balance in your body and possible symptoms.

The CBD products are not medicines, but are supplements. And supplements prescription that is the Dutch medical doctors, but in dribs and drabs, says dr. Franke, who, as a gynaecologist and is related to the training of Cannalogie (“MCS”), or a Medical Cannabis Specialist.

You will not have to be high on the products

The programme was founded last year by marc About doctors, nurses and therapists are able to make use of medical cannabis, and patients to be better able to advise you. The knowledge and skills that will help with the lack of understanding surrounding the operation of the cannabis plant, to take away, ” says Franke.

About: “the Patients on the neuro or oncology department will be found on the internet which wietolie you can do it, and ask for their doctor, or they may be used in addition to the discussion. A doctor will know, often the answer is not, and cannabinoids did not affect any other medication.”

As for the biggest misconception is that these products have psychoactive effects, so that you are high or stoned.

Franke recommends that the CBD oil for patients with pain, and would be happy to see that there are vaginal suppositories are being developed to menstrual symptoms. The CBD oil will kill the harmful fungi and bacteria, and fight viruses, ” says the gynecologist.

The possession of products containing THC, it is subject to strict conditions. (Photo: Thinkstock)

NHG: “Insufficient evidence for an effect’

Currently, shares of the Dutch Association of general Practitioners (NHG) in the opinion of the Franke does not. The NHG does not recommend the use of these products, because there is not enough evidence to pijnreductie or to improve the quality of life. Cannabis can be used in the end-of-life stage, ” says the association.

To be conservative, is said by dr. Franke, that point of view. According to him, there are actually scientific studies that the effect of cannabis products to prove it.

In a scientific study at the University of Madrid, have shown a reduction of cancer cells in animals, which is cannabis oil in their physical bodies. Promising, for example, mentioned the researchers with the results. A study in rats shows that the oil has a positive effect on the development of depression.

Because these studies have not been performed in humans, there is the NHG, the evidence is too thin.

‘If it doesn’t work, then it will certainly do no harm’

Any damage to the CBD oil, reports the world health organization: “When the people shows the CBD is not the effects that abuse, or afhankelijkheidspotentieel. There is at present no evidence for the public health problems associated with the use of pure CBD.”

In verslavingsexpertisecentrum Jelinek, they do not have to if it doesn’t, it hurts, it isn’t, ” said the Floor Bakkum of the Jellinek. “The popularity of this product has been created by the many claims on the internet, it is the most intense of the success stories to be shared. There is a group of people who are prone to it, it is. If you have been in a while, health problems, and nothing seems to work, then it is easy to see that, you’re thinking, ” do I like to try it.”

However, we still know little about the effect of CBD products on the market. As a lay person, it can be difficult to determine which of the claims are true, and the anecdotal evidence is compelling, says Van Bakkum.

Or that the operation of the CBD is proven or not, the products that are in high demand. All of the positive stories on the internet, more and more people into the vial of cannabis oil to grab, ” says Cassini, a founding father of the study of Cannalogie. “It’s not a wonderolie. However, the idea that it is not so strange. A placebo will work as well.”

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