Wiegman: women’s football is too much for mannenvoetbal compared to

Coach Sarina Wiegman is the criticism of the outside world in the game, the Oranjevrouwen is not always fair. They found that the women always have to be a bit much compared to the men, but it is hopeful that in the final at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS last month and the change in the near future.

“We have to be much mannenogen looking at. If you are Canada and New Zealand, says, and thinks of the average american on the football team with the men, so they think they are, there is not as much of it as can be. Here’s how it works, of course, is not. The top performers for the women to differ very much from the men,” says Wiegman.

“I expect that this is due to the world cup, however, is a bit more clear, since there are so many games that were broadcast, and that women’s football is becoming more of an identity of its own will. Serena Williams, can be compared with Roger Federer or Ireen Wüst, with Sven Kramer.”

The netherlands played in in spite of reaching the final, not a brilliant world cup. The defending European champions came out on stage, the races are not conclusive for the day, and slipped away in the eighth-finals against Japan with the Asians, were missing so many chances, even at an early switch-off.

“I think that the critical part of the process. It just means that you are being taken seriously. I know everyone has their own opinion, and that’s what we do as a staff and players, however, all of these things, but the important thing is that we do not know why we do certain things. We simply take a critical look at ourselves,” says Wiegman.

“I think that we are, in the first match against New Zealand, not very well played, and even then it may not be as effective, even though we were down, and indeed for our class to see it. You are doing us a brief stating that everything is on the heart, and only heart, you can remove event of the year.”

The Oranjevrouwen to go to the silver world CHAMPIONSHIP medal. (Photo By Proshots)

“A lot more opportunities to have opportunities to come in against US

Wiegman looked at recently, after a vacation, well, all the games are back, and it was concluded that there are more residents in the final, where the Netherlands, with the 0-2, lost of the well-liked and the winner of the United States by two goals in the final half-hour, including the 1-0 out of a penalty kick.

“During the race I thought to myself: well, this is going to be very difficult, but when I saw the images, and had seen, I had a feeling that we will have many more opportunities to be more quiet due to the football and chances will come. We were not decisive enough, and that is something that we need to have in order to be able to win.”

Wiegman, it was in spite of the lack of a title are constantly bombarded with the team during the vacation, as well as within the BOARD’s appreciation for the work big, because they will soon be the first woman to have a statue in the sculpture garden on the campus of the football association in Zeist, the netherlands.

“I’m quite touched. This is, of course, is a very nice recognition. I am proud to say that we all have to be accomplished. I’ve had a lot of people have heard of, who never went to football, watched it, because they don’t love, but our games will always be safe in the knowledge that was lacking. This is because of the relaxed atmosphere, and I hope it stays that way.”

The netherlands will begin on Monday, once the preparations for the european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifiers against Estonia (August 30th, in Tallinn, estonia), Turkey (3 september, in Heerenveen, the netherlands). Lieke Martens and Kika van Es, there are, in any case, not because of, respectively, a toe and a knee injury.

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