Wie is de Mol?-review: Emilio Guzman will Nielson ‘typical Mole’

The semi-final of Who is the Mole? Saturday night broadcast. looks with Emilio Guzman back on the eighth episode of the nineteenth season. Guzman did itself, in the eighteenth season of the search for the saboteur and was the fourth to be sent home.

Note: this article contains spoilers from the last episodes.

“So, that was me again alone. I have the episode last night after my gig back, and what I strongly like about this program, is that everyone to the last moment, suspicious. Just Rik (Van de Westelaken, ed.) also not,” says Guzman.

“Sinan (Can, red.) ultimately, in the semi-finals disappeared. I had my arrows at him. It would be cool if he really is the Mole. He has the game obviously open the game, but he changed after a number of episodes also of strategy. That’s not really something for a Mole.”

Who is playing a false game?

“At the second command, I found Niels (Littooij, ed.) truly suspicious behavior. He asked each time to to to walk. That costs a huge amount of time! Coincidentally, I did the task for the candidates is still pretty good and there was a good amount in the pot, but that you see often, Who is the Mole?. It is always just good, but it had a lot more.”

“In the command with the drone, it looked like Sinan for the first time in his life a iPad intended. That man must really of electronics away, because my mother is still faster,” joked the comedian. “That was really a Mole-region, but we now know that Sinan is not the Mole. Apparently that was not played.”

Who is there to be honest?

“If I still one must choose, then I will go for Blackbird (Westrik, eds.). But that base I then fully on the third assignment, where they have a moment of verstandsverbijstering, giving Niels the joker in his laps. I saw in Moltalk also suggested that the bad acting of Amanda was, but I do not believe. Such a moment of verstandsverbijstering I can very well imagine. She was constantly on the count, and she thought, just not after. The program lets you to all doubt, and it would be a Mole-action. But this was her response to be sincere.”

What caught you the most?

“That can only be the action of Thrush during the third command. For many, it is incomprehensible that they that decisive stick out of the frame pulled, but the game shows you everything doubt. I found its also not as quiet as the other, because in other episodes she has to often brightness created at a time when sow panic. Now made them more of a shock.”

Who loses the final?

“I think that Sarah (Chronis, ed.) in the final, just tekortkomt. She has just as I am dyslexia and the finale is filled with tough assignments. I know from myself that the game weird things you do. I have even put a time on myself, voted! As the game they still win, it can be an example for all of us that you do not need to hold for dyslexia.”

“Merel, I see as the winner of this season. She has too much money brought to the Mol, and it plays the game really is to win.”

Who is the Mole?

“I’m going to for Niels. You have a certain determination is necessary. It strikes me more and more that people who were sure of their case, still further in the game. If you don’t have tunnel vision, you turn more on. I found him at the execution is also very analytical comment. “We are,” he said. He was actually the whole episode quiet, and also had an exemption for the final. He would be a typical Moles are what concerns me.”

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