Why wear creative people, mostly black clothing?

You see them often on a vernissage, at the end of a fashion show, at work in their studio; the artists and creatives who are fully in the black clothe. But why do they do that?

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Vans looks gloomy this spring: the latest capsulecollectie Made For The Creators’ will embrace four classic Vans models (sk8-Hi Reissue UC, Old Skool UC, Authentic UC and Classic Slip-On UC), which for the occasion entirely in black and veiled. This collection celebrates Vans, say that creative people and their contribution to the art, music, sports and street culture. “For the surfboard shaper, barber, illustrator, tattoo artist, or barista: Made for the Makers collection is carefully designed for labour-intensive jobs within the creative sector to guarantee maximum comfort without compromise in terms of style.” A black sneaker is a refreshing sequel to the white kicks us all four years seem to haunt, and the match with creative professions, there is not in addition to. But how is it that we kunstzinnigen usually to a black outfit pairing?

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It is quite likely that the answer to this question is not linear. Wars of the idea that everybody had his own style and taste, most people will feel enfolded in the clothes that fit with their job, their (desired) place in society and their identity – a kind of uniform by which they in one fell swoop, a visual business card can leave. That the statement “creative people are usually in the black dress”, the round encourages people to be creative (or like to be perceived) so to have their wardrobe also monotonous. It is to make a statement, but to say that you just ” statement. It is easy and challenging, liberating, and narrow at the same time to you in a single shade to cover.

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On the internet several discussions about the question “But waaròm then?” the round. An anthology of the most common explanations:

  • Black is practical because it shows dirt less easily. Whether you’re going to art exhibits on a canvas, a calf muscle or in a coffee cup, the likelihood that your patches will make. On a black shirt is the fabric, paint, or koffiegruis now once a little less. Boring, but plausible explanation.
  • Black does not detract from the art that they create. You want people to look at what you’re creating, not for the busy print on your shirt.
  • Creatives don’t want any valuable creativity to waste on complicated outfits. There are creeps all so much energy in the devising of patterns, shapes, colors, and concepts in their work or hobby, that they really don’t in their outfit, want to pour also.
  • Their dress code is the only stalwart in their life. Creative people have a brain that never stopped, that everywhere connections can see, and the whole time of the stimuli processed. The creative process is a rollercoaster of emotions – a black outfit would be their only gripe can.

Vans Authentic UC, Old Skool UC, Classic Slip-On UC and sk8-Hi Reissue UC from the ‘Made for the Creators’ collection, €75 © Vans

The Vans Made for the Creators’ collection is now available online and in the Vans stores.

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