Why vaccinate against cervical cancer wise

Each week, reply to Edwin de Vaal (46), a general practitioner in Nijmegen, a faq or a striking question from his practice. This week: it Is wise to have your daughter vaccinated against cervical cancer?

The Pale: “There are a number of things that everyone already knows that the chance of cancer increases, such as burnt food, the sun, smoking, and alcohol. Recently, we also found that two types of the HPV virus responsible for 70 percent of all cervical cancer cases.”

“Almost everyone comes in contact with an HPV virus, usually through sexual contact. In most cases, your body simply antibodies and the virus is cleared. Sometimes that does not work and the virus remains present without your complaints.”

“In women it irritates the cells at the beginning of the uterus, the cervix, allowing this change and, eventually, cancer cells can be.”

“As much as possible, women receive between thirty and sixty years, every five years a call for the creation of a smear. This is usually in the pratice, but you can now also do at home. There is first tested for the HPV virus. If there is no HPV comes out, there is nothing to worry about. If this were true, then the pap smear is also examined for abnormal cells.”


  • Cervical cancer is 70 percent of the cases caused by the HPV virus
  • Between 30 and 60 years to get women every five years and an invitation for a smear test of the cervix. This smear you can now at home
  • The swab is tested for the HPV virus
  • To find out significantly different cells word you referred to the gynaecologist for further investigation and, if necessary, a treatment
  • Recently, girls are getting 13-year-old an invitation for two HPV vaccinations
  • The vaccines give protection against an HPV-infection in the future, causing a lot of unrest, anxiety, and stress can be prevented
  • The pricking until you 18th free, so at a later stage, vaccination is also possible

With vaccination may be turmoil, anxiety and stress are

“Significantly different from cells is a person referred to the gynaecologist. The cervix is carefully examined and, if necessary, pieces can be removed and examined. Often need to someone a few months later come back for a follow-up. If the situation has not improved, even a piece of the cervix containing all abnormal cells are removed. All these investigations and treatments often cause great anxiety, fear and stress.”

“Now that we know which of the two variants of the HPV virus, the most dangerous, we can be young girls this vaccine. This allows the body antibodies advantage: if someone later with the virus comes in contact, cleans up the body, the virus immediately. This avoids not only that someone later cervical cancer and even to death, but overcomes with it a range of investigations and treatments in the preliminary stages.”

“I often get in my practice questions from concerned parents: should they and their young daughter, well going to be vaccinated or not? My advice is to do it. A lot of people believe, not in vaccinations, but it is after years of research, really proved that it works, and much suffering occurs. You prevent not only cervical cancer, but also a lot of hassle, worries, visits to the gynecologist, and sometimes even medical interventions with vaccination were not necessary.”

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