Why turmeric is much more than a delicious yellow condiment

Turmeric or Indian turmeric is one of the most commonly used ingredients for curryschotels and is easily recognized by its yellow colour and mild bitter taste. Research has shown that turmeric has a positive impact it can have on your health, but also the effects of different drugs can affect it.

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Turmeric is mainly harvested in India and is derived from the plant Curcuma longa. You undoubtedly know if the fixed component of currypoeder. With this spice you will add not only flavor and color to your meal, but you will also work on your health. Fresh see a variant that looks like a small ginger root, which is not strange, because this healthy ingredients are family of each other.

Medicinal properties

In Asian countries turmeric is very popular for its medicinal properties. So it is believed that turmeric can be used against jaundice, diabetes, cancer, darmonstekingen, acid indigestion, menstrual problems, rheumatism, and skin diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

A 2008 study examined the link between turmeric and Alzheimer’s disease. What was the result? The substance curcumin, a polyphenol present in turmeric, has indeed a protective effect on the brain. Also other studies confirmed that turmeric is good for the brain and memory.

Also used the powder in India for the treatment of wounds. It has, after all, an anti-inflammatory function. According to a study from 2009 reduces turmeric, therefore the chance that the intestines become ill as a result of inflammation.

For people with obesity is turmeric for the same reason, a beneficial spice. Obesity is linked to chronic inflammation, so an anti-inflammatory drug can help in maintaining the weight. In a study with obese mice that curcumin administered were, it turned out that they are less bad cholesterol and faster weight loss.


Turmeric is unfortunately not easily absorbed in our bloodstream. It would help to black pepper to combine with the spice, to enjoy all the benefits. Also note when you are taking any medications, because research has shown that turmeric can exert influence on certain medication.

Drug replaced by spice, of course, you do not. For a medical problem, you go still, seek advice from a doctor. But that does not mean that cooking with this herb is a real boost for both your health and your senses.

Convinced? Get started with the following recipes for a delicious, healthy meal.


Healthy quiche with turmeric, broccoli, nuts and fresh garlic

Groentecurry (gobi mutter korma)

Monkfish with coconut milk, turmeric and Sezuanpeper

Kikkererwtenburgers with coriander, turmeric and chili powder

Soft vanillecurry of Poon

Tajine of lamb with jumbosultana and honey

Thai crab soup with coconut milk, rice noodles and sluimerwten


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