Why this Belle no corset wearing and other measures of a lively woman of her

Emma Watson’s version of Belle is different on different planes substantially from the original princess from beauty and the Beast. So made the actress clearly no corset to want to wear, but also on other areas of the tekenfilmfiguur a sprightly woman.

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The team behind the new Beauty and the Beast movie stated previously that Belle no corset or heels would wear. Instead she wears now sturdy boots, a loose dress with flexible waist in which they goegemakkelijk can move and arrays; utility belt. Everything the active woman needs to be on an adventure to draw so, and that is of course no coincidence: Emma Watson wanted to be a powerful character drop that does not need to conform to impossible ideals of beauty, or against let by impractical clothes. “Emma can do anything she wants in all her costumes,” says costume designer Jacqueline Durran in Women’s Wear Daily.

Under her dress in the openingssequens carries Belle long johns and that is no secret: when the skirt is in her way, so she made him into her belt, leaving the pants for everyone to see. “She’s wearing those pants during her adventures are not hindered by a skirt,” according to the designer. “That puts everything Belle’s pursuit of freedom in the light.”

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In the new film are a number of parts of the story adapted. So it was now Belle, not her father the inventor in the small family. Watson brainstormde himself when the creators decided Belle the ultimate feminist invention: a washing machine, giving them more time would have to read instead of had to do.

According to Watson was the Belle always had a pretty feminist character “that the things that are expected of it are always in question. “She manages her integrity to maintain, and a completely different viewpoint than all the others.” That is the reason why the role of Belle eager to accept, but applied for a Cinderella remake.

Except as a feminist, Watson also known as a champion for ecological fashion. Also this is taken into account by the department of costume design. The winter outfit with red cape and white edges is made of organically grown and sustainable fabrics. This princess is not a typical instance, her costumes have a royal treatment. (EK)

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