Why there is no ice cream with druivensmaak exists

It was, you probably never noticed but even in the great ice cream parlors in Italy – where they just about all tastes – they sell no ice cream with druivensmaak. There are a lot of rumors about why ijsfabrikanten is not to dare, but Thrillist has the real cause is found.

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The internet is full of urban legends about druivenroomijs – and especially the lack thereof. As you would grapes cannot be frozen, they contain a substance that is fatal for pets which is prohibited by health and -this is really very specific – Ben Cohen (of Ben & Jerry’s) once druivenroomijs try for a girl he had your eye on a love story that prompt to an end was because the dog of the girl after 1 coat of creperend fell to the ground and died. That girl would according to the legends, by the way, Becky Greenfield, sister of Cohens business partner Jerry. We wrote that, in particular, was specifically?

Thrillist recently got the chance to be the head of PR for Ben & Jerry’s to interview, for the dexterity also Greenfield called. And what do you do when you have such a important roomijsimperium for you? Understand: you ask him to druivenroomijs. According to Greenfield are the above stories are all nonsense. There are, after all, enough foodbloggers who had already managed to ice-cream and grapes to run, and both they and their pets are in the know are still alive. Why is Ben & Jerry’s there or not succeeded?

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“When you fruit as a base for ice cream, take you come soon in trouble when you are on a large scale needs to go produce,” said Sean Greenfield to Thrillist. “Grapes consist of 85% water, if you have such a watery puree use ice-cream and then you end up quickly with ice-cream laced with chunks of frozen, aqueous slush – not exactly appetizing.” You have so very many grapes need to taste to create which is decent, and even more grapes to taste to create your production can bring you thousands of jars per month, can fill.

But what about cherries, the fruit that mainly consists of water and still forms the basis for one of Ben & Jerry’s success recipes Cherry Garcia?

“That is indeed difficult, but it is worth the effort. Cherry is a flavor that people associate with ice cream, with the desserts, so they also buy. Grapes are still not really broken through in that area, and because (most) people never druivenroomijs have tasted, they go there not to desire, so they will also not buy it. It is a taste that a lot of effort, lot of time and money it would cost and of which the chance exists that you never sold.” (KS)

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