Why the situation of Argentina is not so hopeless is

Lionel Messi and Argentina, traditionally one of the favorites for the world championship, standings after two matches already with one and a half leg of the world cup. But completely hopeless is their situation.

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Want the Argentines to their chances of qualification for the knock-out stages intact, then they should anyway their last match in group D against Nigeria to win, and preferably with large numbers.

Their fate will have the Albiceleste at this time, moreover, not in our own hands, that is in that of the Icelanders, which they on the first day 1-1 gelijkspeelden. Lionel Messi and co will soon be able to 17 hours nagelbijtend to Nigeria-Iceland look.


The best scenario for the Argentines is that Nigeria that duel wins. If Iceland then on the last day also not win of Croatia, the South Americans always placed with a victory against the Super Eagles. Win the Icelanders, however, the Croats, then maybe the goal difference and make the difference and will Messi and co must significantly to lash out against the Africans.

Ends Nigeria-Iceland will be in a tie, then Argentina just turned off with a win from Iceland against (in this scenario, group winners), Croatia on match day 3. In the two other cases, however, it is placed with a simple victory against Nigeria.

A victory of the Icelanders against Nigeria would be a tragedy for Argentina. It does mean that the Vikings then have to lose to Croatia and a worse goal difference. In addition, Croatia and Iceland both benefit from a draw, because it knocks them both by. Unless the Icelanders not accepted and for the group profits would go to France from group C to avoid, because that belongs in this scenario still a possibility.

The current position in group D

Croatia – 6 points (5-0) after two matches

Iceland – 1 point (1-1) after a single match

Argentina – 1 point (1-4) after two matches

Nigeria – 0 points (0-2) after one match


In the Argentine media is now the hakbijl put on, after the painful 3-0 defeat against Croatia Thursday night.

‘Argentina drew heavy of disappointment, and with one leg off’, writes the newspaper Clarin. “It was a disaster. We lost 3-0 and at no point in the match had the players to answer. The great error of goalkeeper Caballero was the beginning of a nightmare. Messi got almost no ball and was a shadow of himself. Also teammaats shots deficit.’

Especially Willy Caballero gets a lot of criticism. Dramatic uitvoetballen of the duplication of Thibaut Courtois at Chelsea led 1-0. ‘It was horrible for Caballero’, kapittelde Olé. ‘Sampaoli praised him for his position of their feet, and just ahead of the mass. The worst possible time. He was still in strong position could not be comforted.’

Also coach Jorge Sampaoli will have the wind from the front. ‘Tic tac, tic tac, tic tac. The bomb is about to explode’, according to Cronica. “The dressing room of the national team is a hotbed where every dissent, the quantity on stilts. When does Sampaoli decided to stop working? It is a matter of time until the bomb explodes.’ (Belga)

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