Why the second place in the group is more favourable for the Red Devils

The last team contest of the Red Devils is there one where a calculator is required. Or not, because if Belgium will soon be simply second in group G, bypasses the very top and the looks of the route to the (semi) finals even beneficial.

The second place in group G means a (temporary) favourable program and less travel. © BELGA

Despite doelpuntrijke victories against Panama and Tunisia, Belgium is not a leader in his group. England won its opening game of the Tunisians (1-2) and gave yesterday the Panamanians a beating (6-1). In the score, scored goals to keep Belgium and England are in balance, but still show off the English at the top. They had only two yellow cards (Walker and Loftus-Cheek), we had three (Vertonghen, Meunier and De Bruyne). On the basis of fairplay carries England ranking.

You might have already read that, when England – Belgium Thursday night on a tie would be boring and England with one yellow card more would be better than the Red Devils, everything is in balance and there is a tie for the group’s profit. But is that groepszege be a good thing for the rest of the world cup? Two reasons show why the Red Devils are better off with place two in the group.

No top

All other interim positions in the group observed, it would be a second place to the Red Devils, theoretically, on the highway to the semi-finals. Belgium comes in the rechtertabelhelft and will find in the eighth-finals are currently Japan, the leader in group H. That may also Senegal and in the worst case in Colombia.

In a possible quarter-final, the opponent is Mexico – the leader in group D or Denmark, which is currently second in group C. Opponents as a viable cards will be considered. In the rechtertabelhelft to go to outrun the Red Devils top countries like Portugal, France, Brazil and Germany, who at this time in the other half end up.

Always in Moscow

Because we do not like skins he sells sell before there are surefire shots fired, has to be the trail at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in France a bad memory remain. After the group stage, there was also excessive victory crow, because it was through Hungary, Wales or Northern Ireland, and subsequently viable opponents as Switzerland or Poland and Portugal, or Croatia, was the road to the final open. And with that excessive enthusiasm was also a little different.

Apart from the preliminary favourable looking course, there is one definite advantage. In a second place, do the Red Devils have less to travel. The quarter-final, semi-final and the final is in Moscow finished. Only for the semi-final they will leave the Russian capital, because the competition will take place in Samara. First, to Kaliningrad, where Thursday night England wait. An opponent of which Belgium not won since 1936 godbetert.

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