Why the Boeing 737 MAX to the ground is held

The Boeing 737 MAX is on the ground since a crash with an aircraft of Ethiopian Airlines, on march 10. Also, an earlier crash with the same type in 2018, is located at the base of this. What exactly is the problem?

The Boeing 737 MAX is made suitable for longer distances, but also more economical. Therefore, bigger engines are mounted.

The 737, however, has a relatively low landing gear, so the larger jet engines yet, hang them up higher compared to that of the wing and further forward than a normal 737.

The large engines of a 737 MAX, that are higher and further forward, hang than a normal 737 to the ground not to get caught. (Photo: Getty Images)

The result is that the aircraft under certain circumstances oneself up wants to draw, because the engines have their own ‘lift’ to create. To prevent this Boeing the MCAS system installed, that the nose of the aircraft outside the pilot down again.

This system measures the angle of the plane and must especially avoid that the unit is in a ‘stall’, with the wings of their capacity to pay losses. And at this MCAS system is the problem.

The sensors on the side of the nose which is the angle of incidence is measured. (Photo: Getty Images)

Software continued to nose press down

With the crash of the Lion Air aircraft in October 2018 gave a sensor is most likely wrong information to MCAS, which enables the device according to the first results probably the nose down kept pressing, while the aircraft is in a normal angle in the sky.

The pilots are not aware of the MCAS system, so they knew not how they had to switch, while this can. A lamp to light the pilots to warn of a possible problem with the MCAS was not in this device, because this is when Boeing was an option where extra needed to be paid.


Why there is doubt about the Boeing 737 MAX 8

Probably same problem

First investigations show that the unit of Ethiopian Airlines probably has the same problem. On the floor was an elevator found in ‘nosedownpositie’.

Also this aircraft was not equipped with the optional lamp to light the pilots to warn for wrong data to the MCAS system. Boeing has already decided to use this light on all the units of the 737 MAX series to install, free of charge. Also is working on new software for the MCAS.

Debris from the 737 MAX from Ethiopian Airlines. (Photo: Getty Images)

Open questions

The question is now how it is possible that the American aviation authorities are not on the bubble have drawn about the lack of information about MCAS in the direction of the pilots, why there is no additional training has been and why they have decided to make the 737 MAX to approve.

The question to Boeing, of course, is what the MCAS failure exactly has caused it, why the pilots of the 737 MAX are not better informed and additional training, and whether they are in the rush to get this unit as soon as possible on the market – order with AIRBUS to be able to compete – on security, not too many bends have been cut off.

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