Why Simon Mignolet and Koen Casteels also recordinternationals are

Since november 2011, Thibaut Courtois is already 59 times under that bar with the Red Devils. At the age of 26, he has the record of a folk hero Jean-Marie Pfaff (64 caps) in the visor. Simon Mignolet and Koen Casteels from the bank not more than whistling and just that makes of them also recordinternationals.

Thibaut Courtois has if Red Devil is still no record in the hands. Simon Mignolet and Koen Casteels, strangely enough. © BELGA

No goalkeeper, which more often keepte in the national team than Jean-Marie Pfaff. Between 1976 and 1987 was El Sympatico 64 times and 5.761 minutes in goal for the Red Devils. Till now, no single goaltender that number of matches and minutes to surpass – let alone threaten – but after six years of dominance of Courtois in the current generation of keepers, that record is now on jump.

Against Panama holds Courtois his 59th cap, which he does better than Michel Preud’homme (58 matches). Since he on 15 november 2011 debuted under Georges Leekens against France, missed Courtois barely 15 competitions: 8 due to an injury, 7 because another goalkeeper a chance. Striking: of those 15 matches without Courtois, was only 1 match a with bet. In the remaining 14 cases, it was a next season.

Records on the bank

In the absence of Courtois Simon Mignolet (13x), Jean-François Gillet (1x) and Sammy Bossut (1x) in action. Who first made his interlanddebuut a year and a half before Courtois and it seemed a long time the new wonder boy in goal. Not so.

While Courtois the doelmannenrecord of Pfaff under shot, Mignolet there is already one broken. No Red Devil sat at his interlandcarrière so often to the bank than the Truienaar. Grades want to say that Mignolet but no less than 55 times sat on the bench. A record.

Koen Casteels, in Russia, third in rank, also has a (admittedly miserable) national record in the hands. No Red Devil pulled is so often the selection in one minute of action. Casteels was in the meantime already 21 called once, but keepte ultimately no sceconde. That record was already almost half a century in the hands of Jacques Duquesne, also a goalkeeper. That was at the world cup of 1970 in Mexico’s third goalkeeper, but would in spite of seventeen selections never effective Red Devil. Now yes, Casteels is still but 25, what it is not inconceivable that Duquesne are record ever still recover.

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