Why people today, even in the winter barbecuing

The barbecue in the winter really the barn, not in, say experts. Barbecue in the winter is even a trend. Even for the christmas meal lends the device is good.

According to has 90 percent of the Dutch people, to a barbecue and win the device already, since 2012, gaining a lot of popularity. Only on this website find a year more than a half a million people to a new barbecue.

The online store FonQ adds that the Dutch for their barbecue as fourteen times per year burn and that they are not only in the summer. More than a third of Dutch people are roasted also in the autumn and winter.

According to trendwatcher Marielle Bordewijk, this happens more and more often. ‘Cue fanatics’ are doing their best for as long as possible of their investment in a barbecue to enjoy. “That can always be better, because we buy more and more often buitenkeukens and buitenhuiskamers with comfortable furniture and patio heater.”

The barbecue is booming

Jord Althuizen is a barbecue expert, and in October the book Winter BBQ released. He notes that there is need.

“Barbecue is booming. It is literally hot. I see more and more people get excited in the summer and the hard core are thinking now: this is so nice, I go there in the winter also and just.”

“Turkey, salmon, duck: you can also use the barbecue quite a extract.”
Barbecue expert Jord Althuizen

Marjolijn Rosendaal and Anya van de Wetering wrote the book Grilled and Roasted, in January comes out. They also see the winter barbecue is an advance.

Rosendaal: “We have long indian summers and the winters are not so cold anymore. Therefore, mountain people, their barbecue is not more at the end of the summer. Mine is always on standby. And if it is cold, the barbecue heat off, and he prepares at the same time a meal.”

Under a blankie and drink until it is ready

In the book give the ladies all kinds of tips and recipes for year-round grilling and roasting. Rosendaal: “It is fun to the middle of the summer outside sateetjes grilling on the electric table-grill and in the winter, you can easily be barbecued. Enjoy a piece of meat on it, a bottle of wine and under a blanket to drink until it is ready. And after dinner, on the meanwhile, a little cooled barbecue hot vuurdesserts, such as camembert wrapped in vine leaves or grilled vegetables.”

According to Althuizen is for many people a moment to find out what was going on in the barbecue prepared. He sees that winter is often still the same as in the summer, but according to him otherwise. “In the winter you eat heavier cost. Beef stew, candied peel-like things. That lends itself well to cooking on fire. Or think of ribs with Jägermeister and cranberry sauce. So you can by default barbecuevlees still a wintry taste to it. Knolgroenten, pumpkins, apples, and pears are also doing well on the barbecue, because that swelling.”

Winter barbecue with Christmas

Also for the christmas meal lends to the barbecue, according to two barbeque experts, as well. Althuis organizes itself for years a winter barbecue with the holidays. “Turkey, salmon, duck: you can also use the barbecue quite a extract. By grilling you can crispy layers create. And by smoking you flavors to add. In addition, there is a fire, of course, really an experience, it gives a charge to your preparation. If you are next to the barbecue a pan with mulled wine deliberately, then naturally people look outside, if you’re working on. It really gives a high sociable level and I think that’s what Christmas is all about.”

According to Rosendaal runs with the holidays all about the planning. They would, in advance, a salad of roasted vegetables, roasted nuts chickpeas and roasted vegetables for a dip or puree. With Christmas itself on its barbecue, a slow roast or a big fish. “So that you can enjoy for a long time to barbecue.”

“With grilling, and grilling and you will never have to be afraid that you too much. Roasted vegetables that you don’t need, are perfect lunch bites for the following day and barbecued crabs are good for a wokmaaltijd later in the week.”

Tips from the experts

  • Make sure your barbecue dry, warm and snugly: you better be a warm wuss than a snotverkouden dibs
  • Use multiple pliers and scales to contamination between raw and cooked food to avoid
  • You post the best results on a space grid. So why not make the grid after each grillgang clean with half a lemon or a cut onion
  • The smoky taste of the barbecue, you can ‘send’ by wood chips to add to the briquettes
  • You can also use herbs, such as rosemary and thyme, or orange peel between the coals for a delicious taste

Barbecue you in the winter? Let us know in a comment under this post.

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