Why not ‘healthier’ is in order to have a relationship

The netherlands has three million individuals and that there are more and more. What is better for your health: being single or in a relationship? ask the experts.

For many years, a relationship the ultimate for your health. Social psychologist Tila Pronk and experimental psychologist Peter Bos investigate the effects of relationships on health and see a change.

Pronk: “We are a very long time assumed a simple model: people in a relationship are healthier than singles, and this effect is greatest if you are married. That model is proving to be overambitious.”

Having a relationship has two health benefits

Yes, a relationship has health benefits, both experts. Pronk: “First of all, wear you care for each other’s health. You have clear a buddy who is your physical, but also mental state in mind and are often free enough to feel it, to speak and to take action.”

Moreover, it is a love affair unique. “So is the relationship with a family member often just as unconditional, but this is not the case of a free choice,” explains Pronk. “And in friendships, you see each other often less, there is no question of exclusivity and, the. less than in relationships.”

“Are you single and 100 percent satisfied, then you can be just as healthy as someone in a happy relationship.”
Tila Pronk, social psychologist

Not the relationship status, but the quality is important

A long-term relationship improves your health, but it is really not as black and white as is often said, stress both experts. Forest: “It is too short-sighted to say that a relationship is healthier than being single.”

How about that? Three things play a role: a wrong comparison, the satisfaction of individuals and societal beliefs.

Woods: “Where we now find out, is that it is not so much the status of the relationship, but much more to the quality. For example, we know that loneliness, or the feeling thereof, is bad for your health.”

“Even though you as a single susceptible for solitude, for someone with a partner also feel lonely. Your social network, and the bond that you feel with others – that is important for your health.”

  • Are you single and 100 percent satisfied, then you can be just as healthy as someone in a happy relationship.
  • It is not so much the relationship status, but to the quality of all your relationships.
  • The bachelor goes on in the society more and more to hear, and that affects the feeling of well-being and health.

A satisfied single is just as healthy

What in addition to the quality of relationships is especially important to emphasise that both psychologists, is that someone is satisfied with the current state, and that person enough support receive from others in the area.

Are you single and 100 percent satisfied, then you can be just as healthy as someone in a happy relationship, Pronk.

“It’s true that 79 percent of the singles under thirty prefer a relationship would want. Cherish your somewhere in a deep desire to find someone, then this may be the long-term stressful and unhealthy.”

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There are more and more single people

That a relationship may not be healthier than a single existence, has yet a third reason. Forest: “for many Years was the gold standard a monogamous relationship and have children. In addition, our world is built and decorated for couples.”

That gold standard had an effect on how healthy the singles felt.

Pronk: “Are you yourself convinced that a single unhealthier and do you feel the society is not accepted, then that may for you be an excuse to also unhealthier to live, then you really is worse.”

The single is part of the deal

That begins to change, see the two experts. Pronk: “It is in the Netherlands and the rest of the western world a lot more normal to be single to be more than a number of decades ago, there are more singles than ever and people are more independent.”

“Nowadays it is much more normal to be single.”
Tila Pronk, social psychologist

The CBS reported that in 2018 already that the number living alone people increases since the Second world War. The next three decades to turn that trend is continuing, which, in 2047, nearly one in four adults living alone.

The result of this change? Forest: “A sexual relationship, a marriage, and childbearing are increasingly disconnected from a mature and happy life.”

“The bachelor is going to belong to. The society becomes more and more advised and furnished. This is about the positive link between a relationship and health relative to the health of a single discussion.”

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