Why meditating helps to relax and not woolly is

Meditation is a way to relax completely. Woolly: it is not, it is even scientifically proven that it works. Magazine Flow tells how this is.
Attention for the moment

Meditation is a technique that ensures your body and mind completely relaxed. There are many meditation techniques, but the basic principle is always the same: focus and attention.

Actually means to meditate, not much more than all your thoughts and feelings to you to pass. You will still hear that motorbike driving or you think that annoying conversation with your mother, but the big difference is that those distractions you don’t need to bother.

You learn not to judge, to draw conclusions or solutions to make up, but the time to accept it as it is.

Taking regular breaks

That meditation for greater relaxation, it is scientifically proven. Mark Williams, mindfulness expert and professor of clinical psychology at Oxford, says: “We think that We are very creative and productive if we are very busy and hasty. But our brain is, it’s constantly in ‘flight mode’.”

The professor argues that when you find someone in a brainscanner stops, which are always rather busy, and then to his amygdala look, you will find that these chronically overactive.

The amygdala is the part in our brain that represents our fight – or vluchtsysteem. “This chronic overactivity can only break through by having regular breaks and making conscious choices,” says Williams.

Less likely to react on impulses

By meditating, you can also in practical situations, more aware of your attention to send. People that their thoughts and feelings are seen as temporary events in their head, giving less quickly to bad temptations, consider three Utrecht and an American psychologist in a publication in the Dutch newspaper NRC.

The researchers learned students through meditation, their own thoughts and feelings from a distance. All the participants were after the short training course of twelve minutes less likely to respond quickly to their impulses, such as the desire for unhealthy food.

Attention to feet bring

Writer Ruby Wax meditates every day. “You have to be aware of the things around you, calm you and you can concentrate better. In everyday situations, for example if I’m waiting, I try to always give my attention to my feet.”

Wax says that it is still inside when you are on one experience point instead of on a thought. “Your heart rate slows down, you adrenalineniveau goes down. So cool I my engine.”

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