Why Loew after the world cup debacle German coach remains

Germany, in 2014, still world champion, was already in the group stage in Russia. Surprising: the German football federation extended coolly the contract of coach Joachim Löw. An analysis.

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Joachim Löw continues to do so. From a survey carried out that the German magazine Kicker after the world cup-blamage of Germany, showed that 70 per cent thought that as a coach, he could not continue. A remarkable result, because in fact, it was Löw is not really pilloried. Also already proved a number of analysts is difficult to imagine that Löw after this disaster it would just sit there. But intimates knew better. What would he be doing differently? A club training is not wasted on him, Löw would collapse under the stress. He is also, together with the national team. Twelve years as head coach, in five major tournaments at least the semi-finals met, that indicates craftsmanship. You can see the disappointment already washing away.

Joachim Löw did it. He retired after the painful elimination of three days alone back in his house in Freiburg, it was called that he’s engaged in a hard fight with himself. But from the moment that the German football association trust in him is the beginning, the decision was. Löw, of which 4 million euro per year will earn, and contractually is still subject to fluctuations until mid-2022, announced to stay, and the Mannschaft to build up again.

But the wounds are not healed. What was actually the reason of this painful fall at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS? The saturation of a number of (key)players? The political issue around Mesut Özil and Ilkay Gundogan for a picture, were posed with the Turkish president Erdogan? Or just overconfidence? The German quality newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine went a step further and summed up everything in one word: carelessness. An extreme carelessness of the technical lead, Löw and manager Oliver Bierhoff ahead. They had as the last opponents for the world cup with Austria and Saudi Arabia for two weak opponents chosen, for teams of a lot less calibre than the opponents in Russia. They had the team accommodated in a hotel in Vatoetinki, because the players than were in the semi-finals and the final. The skin of the bear was sold before he was shot.

That carelessness, so goes the newspaper further, planted himself on the team. The focus is not on the sport. So was there a documentary made about Toni Duckweed and were the creators of all the opportunity to during the world cup to filming. For example, the manager of Özil and Gundogan access to the spelerskwartier because that is also the counselor of Löw. That began to undermine the credibility of the coach. And it was, ultimately, for a growing irritation. There was Löw also aangewreven goalkeeper Manuel Neuer to give special treatment and commitment of the young players at training not to honor it. It resulted in discord within the group, communication between the veterans and the young people. Joachim Löw has in Russia just a bad job. But in the twelve years before that he did many good things that Löw is that could afford. He deserves, they found certainly in the German football association, respect and loyalty.

To change course is not. The day after the painful 0-2 defeat against South Korea would Löw, however, have understood that there is no basis to proceed, but already talked to the chairman of the football association, Reinhard Grindel, on him to continue to do so. Because there is no plan-B? Because the imagination was lacking to be a good successor? On an embarrassment at the world cup, nobody had expected.

So flick the football so continue with old brooms. Also manager Oliver Bierhoff continues to just sit. The tensions between both of them equally, were told. The duo also discussed about the implementation of the trainersstaf. There is talk about a new energy, but words suffice not now. How a coach of the national team for twelve years to his image formed, for renewal, is for many a mystery. Not for Löw himself. He knows now, he says, on which players he can rely and which are not. And he can, in essence, with everyone further, because at this moment there is no international that it wants to stop. Yet Löw a number of those players on whom he was in the past built, a pain to do. That was so far not exactly its strongest point.

Anyway, should Joachim Löw for the world cup is still a visionary called themselves in question. He has the German national team style, and a certain voetbalcultuur taught, but is in possession built game still the correct policy? And the most important is: players can assess their performance and not on their history and merits.

During the world cup in Germany started a new episode. On september 6, following the first race for the new Nations League, against France. More than any other coach also will Joachim Löw with plenty of skepticism to be followed. He has himself under a huge pressure. New defeats are threatening his status, regardless of the damage that is also on the national team is done, all the way to falling apart. That statue would have survived if he was left.

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