Why live a life without haste benefits

You live in a lower gear can produce many advantages. Magazine Flow explains on the basis of seven examples of why.
Brain can more if they equip

“It is true that our brain wonders able to perform if they are on full speed, should run, but if we do them from time to time, giving the opportunity to rest, they can a lot more.” That, says author Carl Honoré in his book Slow. “Your head is in a lower gear, can you health, inner peace, concentration, and ability to be more creative thinking. So we get what Milan Kundera (author and professor of comparative literature) ” the wisdom of slowness.””

Slowness is different than laziness

“Inertia is sometimes confused with laziness, but for inertia, I have a great sympathy,” says a writer Miek Zwamborn in an interview in Vrij Nederland. “I find that a lot of things slower would have to go. More dwell on what you do or see, and there not all the time a new invention or a new layer on top. By all opstapelingen you do not know what all lies below. I try slowly to life: I write letters, I walk and slow down my gaze. Some people get testy if I don’t immediately with an sms reply, then I still have something to spare to write back. But sometimes it is also good that someone says to me: “Tomorrow should finish it.’ Otherwise, I still had three years on my book The Duimsprong work.”

Life without haste possible

A haastsamenleving, so is the world in which we now live is often called. You can actually escape it? Yes, says journalist Koen Haegens, in his book, Take the time. “Take a look at your own life. How dependent have you made of the haastsamenleving? Do you want to do less work, but you have a high mortgage or you are used to a particular spending pattern? Try to change it. Time is money, but money also costs time. If you’re less dependent on your income, imagine you are also less exposed to that haastmaatschappij. That is the first step.”

Appreciate ‘boring’

Ever thought that you ‘boring’ would appreciate it? Author Joke Hermsen does it all: she praises herself happy with a youth in a boring area without digital entertainment. “Countless afternoons I have hanging on my bed to sitting outside staring into a rainy-day drama nieuwbouwpleintje,” she says in an interview. “In retrospect, I think that when a lot happened, in terms of processing of experience and in terms of exploration of their own inner world.”

See time as elastic

In Indonesia they know what relaxing is. There is even a special phrase for: jam karet, which literally means: elastic time, and in the English rubber time. With time, you can according to many Indonesians in all directions. Which in practice means that an appointment, for example, never sharp to 15: 00 hours. It can also best 15.15 hours or 16.00 hours. That way you will experience no stress by time pressure: no one takes you wrong if you come too late, the time is indeed elastic.

Stand still in the ‘meantime’

Meantime, precious time that you almost don’t notice, it seems with all our technology a bit to disappear. English comedian and writer Kees van Kooten mentions a couple of them, nice to look at to stand still. Such as calling a telephone with a rotating dial:

“When turning to the figures, could you still think of you the person really wanted to call. With the call now is that time lost.” And: “At the time that I, with my hand in the slit of the mailbox, my letter is released, enriched the time. As soon as someone tells me: ‘There is a letter to you on the road’, knowing that it is warmer in my head. When we our sentences not yet schermsgewijs wrote directly on paper, though, we had to after a correction, wait for the tipp-ex to dry. In that ten seconds, meanwhile were the best ideas are born.”

Spontaneous appointments

The Indonesian Rita Sri Suwantari is regularly present in the Netherlands. It strikes her that the Dutch are always ahead of time to schedule, she told us earlier in the Flow. “Even in the weekends and on vacation! Also the tourists that I in Indonesia, accompanied, running from landmark to landmark. We do that I think otherwise. Free time plan, which you fill out spontaneously in. I also think that we have more time at home doing nothing. A calendar therefore I do not, my friends also not, making appointments spontaneously, and that feels nice.”

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