Why like meat, you will, perhaps, be a different name to get it

The european parliament wants to prohibit the animal names, for plant-based alternatives. Not a veggie burger, but the vegetable disk, and it is not a vegetarian gehacktbal, but it is a vegetable ball. We will soon say goodbye to names like kipstuckjes and vegaburger?

The ban on vleesnamen vegetarian products, was established on 1 april by a large majority, adopted by the parliament’s agriculture committee of the European parliament.

Not only meat, but also dairy products will fall below it. Sojayoghurt it will soon, so you may not need any more. The proposal requires that the plant-based products, the name may not refer to the animal by-products.

The reason for this decision is, according to the Annie Schreijer-Pierik, Member of the european parliament, on behalf of the christian democratic alliance and a member of the committee on Agriculture and rural development, that is, the names are “misleading” as they are.

According to a recent study from Wageningen, the Economic Research shows that the consumption of meat from the Dutch, by 2018, for the first time in nine years, has increased. While a study conducted by the Nutrition centre shows that more and more Dutch people are trying less and less, or not to eat meat.

That is, in accordance with the agency’s fine, if you like, but there are other products with plenty of protein, iron, vitamin B1 and vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is only found in animal products, which makes it, according to the netherlands Nutrition centre with a fully plant-based diet is the best choice for the supplements to take. This is also true for vegans who have very little dairy, and eat, and that pregnant women who do not eat meat or fish.

“Meat is meat”

Right then, the proposal created a buzz of attention in the Netherlands because of the supermarktschappen are packed with plant-based products that have names that are reminiscent of the meat, where they’re an alternative to sh-free tonyn, draadjesvleesch croquette, kipstuckjes, veggie-burger, vegaworstjes, veggie, steak, roockworst.

According to Schreijer-Pierik is only for use in the Netherlands. The French, Austrians, Poles, Italians, and Germans to be found, according to her, all of them: “meat is meat”. The German minister of Agriculture said in the beginning of 2017, manufacturers of the “pseudo-meat”, new names that had come up for their products, as well as in France, it is a ban introduced last year by the european parliament.

Pablo Moleman from the group ProVeg believes that the proposal to vleesnamen for vegetarian products, and to ban as a solution to a non-existent problem. “We are under the impression that the underlying problem is not deception, but the identity crisis of the industry.”

As a meat substitute, according to the parliament’s agriculture committee of the EU citizens never to journey. (Image: 123RF)

A futile fight over words

Meat production has long been the exclusive domain of butchers and farmers, but a growing proportion of consumers are choosing now, for the meat is made from plants, ” says Moleman. A lot of vleesbedrijven, according to him, with such a trend, but a part of what to expect, according to him, in the past, and it is now a futile fight over words, were”.

Words such as veggie sausages and there are, according to Moleman for many years, and no one has it, according to him, has ever had an issue was made about it. There was a change in the vegetarian market in the last ten years, with a rapid pace, it is going to grow, ” he said.

“The people know perfectly well that it is a groenteschijf you would like a vegetarian alternative to a burger.”
Annie Schreijer-Pierik, Member Of The European Parliament

As a consumer, an organic product that would not be meat, it seems, is in accordance with Moleman reason is simple, the packaging is to be able to see how the product tastes, and in some ways, it can also be used. Mainly because the vegetarian ‘meat’ these days is more on the real meat is similar in taste, texture and mouth-feel. In the name of citizen, or of being hacked, it helps to do so by him.

However, according to Schreijer-Pierik know people who are vegetarian and want to eat “perfectly well” what’s an organic product it is and what it should be. “They know perfectly well that it is a groenteschijf you would like a vegetarian alternative to a burger.” Therefore, it is not necessary to have meat substitutes is a vleesnaam to give up.

In common parlance, is also still on ‘milk’

In ProVeg, they do not currently believe that the ban will be there to come. First, it should be subject to the approval of the European Parliament and of the government. If the prohibition is there, however, it will be according to the Moleman is mainly a restriction on the freedom of businesses and an unnecessary cost item to be. The prohibition on the organisation of a petition started. This is more than 72,000 times, signed up to it.

For the vegetable market there for years, severe constraints in the use of names such as milk, yoghurt and cheese is that, according to the Moleman and nothing has changed in the public’s perception of, and the day to day operation. “In the common parlance, is still milk, even though it’s on the packaging, which is a term like further information about lactose intolerance.”

The Vegetarian Butcher’s shop, a manufacturer of fish free tonyn, and kipstuckjes, it is still not the end of the ban is really going to happen. If that happens, then it’s to the right and hold it there, according to them, it is not. “It’s hard to imagine that the suikerspekjes, Dutch girls, bokkenpootjes, crushed mice, apenkopen and katjesdrop all of the name should be changed. This is not going to happen.” The Vegetarian Butcher are not going to prepare for the change of name.

The proposal for the ban was passed by the parliament’s agriculture committee in Brussels, the European Parliament should have a look at it. There has yet to be an agreement between the European Commission and the member states. This is done in a plenary session. When this takes place, it is not yet final. Most likely, during the week of 25 november to 16 december this year.

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