Why libraries are open in the regions as well (no, not the book)

In the context of a library and is in the neighborhood on Monday, in Noord-Holland, Wognum, the first library was opened. With the money that the government has made available will be in the coming years, libraries will be twelve small towns to keep it and opened it. In these communities, the library is more than just a ‘boekenuitleenfabriek, it is a place to meet.

“The library is more and more multifunctional,” says Marjolein Oomes, onderzoeksadviseur in the Library. Oomes, has explored the social function of the library. “A lot of people see it as a library, and a boekenuitleenfabriek, but for now, it is the role of the library in a much broader and more visible than it used to be. In addition to that, you will have some books you can borrow, and there are a lot of activities.”

The library is also a meeting point, said Oomes. “That is why it is very important that people have access to a library. In krimpgebieden the last few years, a lot of the facilities were closed. It is good to see that there is a neutral public space where people go to be able to. With the skills he has at such a public place, to be able to do so, it will not be in a lot of areas.”

“Where do you meet each other, otherwise it’s still in the village?’

In the new library, which is in Wognum, people can not only borrow books but also the free newspapers and magazines to read and follow. In addition, there are study places available: Children’s library, with the silence so they can focus on their work. Also, children of parents who work and study in order to join in the search,” says executive director director of This Trigallez.

The former library, which is in Wognum, it was ten years ago, scaled down to a children’s library. The summer was the children’s library will be closed. It was, however, Wognum, however, the need for a library and, in the opinion Trigallez. “The opening was a lot of people. One resident said yesterday, even now, that the visit of the church back to the people, not a bar, where people are meeting up in a rural area. The library is a place to meet.”

This is Trigallez (on the right) at the opening of the new library, which is in Wognum. Secretary, Ingrid van Engelshoven opened the library under the supervision of a member of parliament, Lodewijk Asscher.

Over the next three years, the government has, every year, 1 million euro is available for the preservation of the indigent, libraries, and new libraries such as the library, which is in Wognum.

“Libraries should not just rely on subsidies,” says Trigallez. ‘We demand to work out. In the villages, such as Wognum is a need for a place where people can come together, and the library was able to offer. There are a lot of moments where we really connect with each other to get rid of it. This is the kind of places where the connection is re-established can come, is vital.”

That is, the libraries are able to respond to the demands of the environment, also explained that his library be in the future, even to see their existence. “The essence of a public place, I don’t see a quick decline. The library provided not only a collection, but it will also give you access to a public place where people have the skills to be able to do it. That continues to be necessary.”

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