“Why Kant is the best player in the Premier League’

Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku have more than done their best, but actually the French werkmier N’Golo Kanté Sunday the PFA Player of the Year Award to receive, writes Matthias Stockmans, editor of Sports/Voetbalmagazine. And that is also the Hazard itself.


We are prepared for the tar and feathers. Because Lukaku or Hazard a price begrudge, do you not? Now, to immediately have a misunderstanding to help the world: our two Belgian star players earn on the basis of their strong campaign certainly also the praise that they follow got. The one as the final the step in the pantheon of topspitsen, the other with his graceful what about spot’s every soccer in the world to do the chirping of fun. Therefore, to use the words of many a trainer to say: it is not a choice against our two Red Devils, one before Kant.

The French vacuum cleaner on the midfield of Chelsea can be the first other player that two years in a row the Premier League with different clubs. Mark Schwarzer went for him. The Australian goalie was, however, hardly to play for the title with Chelsea in 2015, and last year with Leicester City.

Kant was undoubtedly a crucial factor in the titelsprookje of Leicester last season. It tends to scorebordjournalistiek, we realize, but the fact that champion Leicester so jogged up to the winter break is no coincidence. Only then was there with Wilfred Ndidi finally, a similar profile found for Kant is somewhat to be replaced. And that Chelsea after a horrorseizoen since the arrival of the 26-year-old midfielder plots titelkandidaat number one, is no coincidence.

Praise Hazard

Kant, born in Paris, from Malian parents, relying on endurance, spelintelligentie and technical skill. That was already before the public at large met him at Leicester City. The season before his transfer to the Premier League was Kant Caen already the player with the most intercepties and tackles in Ligue 1.


Why Kant is the best player in the Premier League

A line that he passed in England. With his 1m69 against all those robust banks on the English fields, absolutely no evidence. The highlights are exceptional speldoorzicht. Something the French coach Didier Deschamps, himself once one of the best controlling midfielders in the world, underlined when he Kanté at the beginning of last year, debut in Les Bleus: ‘Kant always knows perfectly what he must do, and that is not easy at that position.’ In that sense, the small werkmier, which is often compared with Claude Makelélé, ex-world champion with France, and also ex-Chelsea.

Too often the attention of media, public and even the men’s footballers to the attackers. A look at the last ten winners of the PFA Player of the Year Award says enough: all offensive players. The last time a midfielder or defender with the highest personal honour in the Premier League pacesetters went, it was Steven Gerrard in 2006.

Building is harder than breaking down, is often said. But just that is the strength of Kant: in addition to his unlikely defensive talent, he is also an important link in the structure. Accurate in the passing (almost ninety per cent of his passes come on, even that at the end of the opponent) and dribbelvaardig enough to get out of precarious situations to get when the opponent is pressing trying to convert. More than once made Kanté there a way that the flankspelers the space for their creativity to celebrate.


N’Golo Kanté is so ubiquitous that it seems like he has a twin brother next to him.

Eden Hazard

His quick way of thinking and acting on the society feeds the spectacular transitievoetbal where Antonio Conte with this Chelsea and so on and thrives. Eden Hazard just this season back to his best level he should, partly on account of Kant to be written -while Kant actually Hazard does not need to be the best level to pick up. Hazard itself is there, but all too well aware of. A few months ago, he declared that Chelsea with a twin on the field play, both united in one person: ‘N’Golo Kanté. That is so omnipresent that it seems like he has a twin brother next to him.’

At the beginning of this month did the captain of the Red Devils the icing on the cake: “I would the price is itself very like winning, but if I would to choose, I would give him to N’Golo Kanté. N’Golo is decisive without scoring. He was also last year has also been very strong in the unique season of Leicester.’


A big difference in the end, with our two Belgian candidates for the PFA Award, and for us that is the main reason why Kant the trophy to the most deserving, is its regularity. While Lukaku and Hazard also a competition dare to skip – they will come barely to the ball or forcing the business gets Kanté now for two seasons and a high level in every match. Also, and maybe especially, in the top.

As a last Manchester United – Chelsea, where José Mourinho extracted with mandekking on Hazard and so the creativity from Chelsea sucked. Hazard was an entire game non-existent and did little to break through, a game duelvoetbal is not wasted on him. When Chelsea stayed in the storm that the Mancunians unleashed, only one player remained: Kant. Just as in all 32 league games.


It tends to scorebordjournalistiek, we realize, but the fact that champion Leicester so jogged up to the winter break is no coincidence. Only then was there with Wilfred Ndidi finally, a similar profile found for Kant is somewhat to be replaced.

Kant lacked only 100 minutes of league football so far: a match, he looked yellow suspended, against Tottenham, he was ten minutes before the time changed. All the rest he played from the first minute to the last.

Also Gary Cahill, last season, relegated to a clumsy schooljongetje, and David Luiz, has always been an unguided projectile, to the best defenders of the Premier League are going to be counted (they figure in the Team of the Year, and not the Spurs Belgians Vertonghen and Alderweireld), they have, to a large extent due to the all kuisende swiffer for their nose. N’Golo Kanté. Everything happens at him with a smile. Modesty (he drives a Mini Cooper). No escapade. There is circulating a jeugdfoto on the web which Kant characterizes it: as a boy, he looks bashful and admiring how a team-mate a cup in the air stitches. It is the year 2017, in time, that he himself was once on the top of the podium is allowed to crawl.

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