Why Jack White’s first demo Elvis Presley bought: ‘I do not want to possess it, but keep’

Few people who are more collect, invent and create than Jack White. “I’m jealous of people who are without guilt, a moment of laziness allow.’

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Knack Focus, this week an exclusive and extensive interview with Jack White. Therein, he explains extensively why he, the antiques of the rock who is fond of old blues and country, on his new album the Boarding House Reach, extensive experiments with hip-hop. When he was young, in the mid-eighties, he heard in the Cass Corridor, the expired Detroitse near where he grew up, in addition to Mexican music only hip hop. From the boombox next to the basketball court came LL Cool J and Run DMC bounced.

“I rap from morning till evening! But mostly for the joke, while I get the bags out of turn. I only have myself for so long and trained hard in the idea that a songwriter should sing that it is difficult to me to shake. Now, in fact it is better if you are in confusion. If I used a text afratelde, called nobody the rap because it’s camouflaged.”

Jack White is a man of many passions. He is an actor and philanthropist, furniture upholsterers and designer, publisher (Third Man Books offers children’s and art books, poetry, short stories, and a biography of The Stooges) and collector. A few of the obscuriteiten where ever he large sums for counted down: a house in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the modernist architect George Nelson (‘he has there in the States but a handful of built’), the first demo of Elvis Presley, a copy of the American magazine from 1938, in which Superman, for the first time makes its appearance, and the sofa from the renowned Sun studio in Memphis which noble people like Bob Dylan, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash once the bum has neergevlijd.


“I’m jealous of people who are without guilt, a moment of laziness allow.’

Jack White


“I see myself as a curator,” says White about it. ‘I buy something, restore it in honor and take good care of them. It is my firm belief that possession does not exist. Nobody owes anything. Retain is a better word. It doesn’t interest me in flute, to invest in oil or big real estate. I want to do money to spend on things that I makes sense to find things that I like and is knowledgeable. And I want to also show. It would be narrow-minded to have a Van Gogh in the house and never to someone to show.’

“I don’t think in my adult life once a day passed in which I have nothing made or invented. I am constantly working with my hands and my mind. Probably because it feels like I have a backlog I have. I have tons of ideas, some of them years old, that I still want to run.’

“I admit: I am jealous of people who are without guilt, a moment of laziness allow. On the other hand, I see the danger in that. As I sit would back and plenty of the fruits of the life would pick, I would the art completely negligible.’

Read the full interview with Jack White in our +zone, or in the Knack Focus of march 14, 2018.

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