Why is there still no Apple Pay in the Netherlands?

Since the end of november is the payment option Apple Pay be available in Belgium and since the beginning of december in Germany. The netherlands is one of the last European countries where the service is not yet activated. How is that?

Apple Pay is the payment method of Apple. iPhone users can use their debit card to Apple Pay link. Then, they can with an iPhone or related Apple Watch in stores contactless payment. Also is Apple Pay available as a fast payment method in iOS apps and Apple Safari browser.

The service is now in most of Europe available. Besides the Netherlands are still missing countries such as Portugal, Luxembourg, Czech republic and Austria. Therefore, the question arises: why is Apple Pay not yet there in the Netherlands? Want to the banks are not, or will Apple not?

The answer to that question is in a tour of is not entirely clear. “Apple offers Apple Pay in the Netherlands”, is all that a spokesman from ING want to say. “Rabobank continues to monitor developments and remains in discussion with potential partners”, says a spokesperson of the Rabobank.

“Apple Pay in the Netherlands is indeed not yet available and Apple has not (yet) indicate when and whether that will happen. There are also no conversations about,” says a spokesperson of ABN AMRO. “If Apple in the Netherlands want available, then ABN AMRO’s plan, of course, to seriously study it.”

For further information, please refer the banks to the Apple, each country determines whether or not Apple Pay will be available or not. Apple wants to request not to comment on questions of about the arrival of Apple Pay to the Netherlands.

Countries with Apple Pay in blue

Why is the Netherlands less attractive for Apple Pay?

Apple Pay solves in many countries one or more problems. In many European countries is still considerable reliance on cash payments. For both banks and retailers, it is easier for customers to electronically pay, and Apple Pay a solution for.

In the Netherlands, that problem is much less, suggests spokesman, Berend Jan Bracket of the betaalvereniging will the Netherlands. The club organizes together with its members payments in the Netherlands. “The netherlands already has the easiest transactions of Europe,” says Bracket.

“Shopkeepers pay one of the lowest amounts per atm transaction in the entire EU, and the use of electronic and contactless payment is high in the Netherlands,” continues the spokesperson. Earlier this year, it appeared that more than half of the payments with a debit card in the Netherlands non-contact is done.

Compare that with Germany, where cash is still by far the most popular form of payment. According to the European Central Bank, Germans of all Europeans the most cash in your pocket, the EHI Retail Institute found that 78 percent of purchases in Germany still cash settled.

In countries like Germany is so much more to gain with the introduction of a modern payment service in the Netherlands. “Look at Italy, where many bank cards with national standards to be used,” says Bracket. “In the Netherlands we use all years of international protocols such as Maestro and V Pay, so also in the field of international payments in the Netherlands is no need for a new solution.”

The ball seems to be at Apple to lie

This seems to be the ball, especially with Apple. The company will, according to Bracket “a considerable challenge” to have the value of Apple Pay on the Dutch banks to sell. The use of Apple Pay is not free, and most likely more expensive than the low prices that retailers and banks for electronic payment transactions handling.

Banks will be the price for the use of Apple Pay, therefore, may be faster on the client themselves want to be rolled, and that will Apple might not.

Moreover, it can be Android users in the Netherlands long-contactless payments with their smartphone. All major Dutch banks offer that option through their smartphoneapp. That is because the so-called NFC chip in Android devices, free to use, with only a small co-payment from the customer.

NFC enables contactless communication between the phone and the atm machine as possible, but in iPhones, Apple has the NFC chip lock on it. NFC is on the iphone only available for Apple Pay, and finally determine Apple who can use.

Apple Pay was released earlier this year via an unofficial detour through bunq recently available in the Netherlands. Dutch could be a digital Spanish debit card to order, which they had on their iPhone were able to link to Apple Pay to use. The bank, however, has extra security added to prevent this. Also bunq says when asked that Apple Pay in the Netherlands is not available, with a referral to Apple.

The detour via bunq has proven that it is technically possible to use Apple Pay in the Netherlands. When the banks, or Apple actually lucrative, it will prove to be.

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