Why is there a sausage bent?

Why is there a sausage bent? How do you make a traditional smoked sausage from a fabrieksrookworst? And how to find the perfect sausage look like? Butcher, Josja Haagsma, who is this year’s European Young Butchers Competition, winning is the answer to all of these questions.

Hollandser may not be: a plate of steaming hot stew, or pea soup, with a piece of sausage. Nice and easy as well; the vacuum-packed sausages only need to be warmed up in a pan of hot water or in the microwave.

Traditionally, ground pork is the base for a smoked sausage. Half-kinnebak and a half schoudervlees,” says Haagsma. Smoked sausage can also be made from beef, confit, or chicken, and there are a number of vegetarian varieties on the market. “The sausage is smoked and then to low-temperature cooking.”

Smoked sausage, are rarely smoked

Smoking is also an issue. Manufacturer’s smoked sausage is to be had, but rarely smoked it. Other countries use smoke to get the smokey flavour is to be obtained. This is in sharp contrast to the traditional sausage, which is also a shop where you Haagsma work is still being smoked in a fire box with the wood chips.

“The smoked sausage can be recognized by dried-droplet at the end of the string.”
Josja Haagsma, butcher

“A smoked sausage is marked with a dried-droplet at the tip of the sausage,” explained Haagsma from it. During the drying of the sausages and creates condensation. At the end of the sausage, which is, therefore, too dry – is this a small drop of liquid. When the smoke dries up the drip. This will identify you as a white dot. You will see a spot which is brown, then it can be assumed that it is an industrial sausage with smoke flavor, it is in use.”

As the craft smoked sausage like any other sausage will be hung out to dry, in a circular form very useful. Haagsma: “it’s Very logical actually, given that most of the sausages, which are dried in this manner can be made.”

The perfect sausage is round and is yellow in colour

The fabrieksrookworst, which is not being hung out to dry and to smoke, which is round in shape, so it is not needed. In an interview with the Brabant Historical Information Centre, says Wim Dik, the former ceo of the Unilever factory in Oss, the netherlands, and that they are, in the first instance, a line of sausage were made. “It is very practical, it is also easier to pack, and so on.”

To be sure, they asked for the opinion of a group of housewives, and it was clear that the straight sausage is not a sausage. A smoked sausage should be horseshoe shaped, it might have been the housewife, no appetite. “So, we went back to the drawing board to find a solution. We have found the sausage in a sort of U-shaped mold, let it dry. So, to get to the smoked sausage in their proper form.”

The perfect smoked sausage in addition to that, it around is golden yellow in color, know the butcher Haagsma. “This is a gold-yellow color is produced when the tobacco smoking. It is very important that the sausage after smoking it is a good way to be afgekookt at 67 degrees. After cooking, the sausage is to be directly immersed in cold water. And that’s exactly right,” said Haagsma.

“For too long, or too short in the cold water, a pale-skinned sausages. The taste was not quite different, however, as a sausage, it is less and less appealing, and it remains the longest, are the police.”

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