Why is quitting smoking so hard, and what’s the best way?

It’s October, and among smokers, which is also known as Stoptober. In the whole of the Netherlands, a lot of people this month, and in the struggle against nicotine addiction. Why is quitting smoking so hard, and what’s the best way? General practitioner, Sign up for the Vaal (47) gives the answer.

Why is Stoptober is a good thing.

“Because of stopping smoking for many people is very difficult. There are many psychological factors that it is hard to be disciplined to keep up. Due to the number of people at the same time, to stop, to make it easier.”

“A lot of people are doing it together with each other. It’s nice to have each other, even if you do not smoke in times of distress, to be able to support it.”

What makes quitting so difficult?

“First of all, the fashion. In tobacco smoke there are many chemicals that will make sure that you will soon become addicted and that addiction will remain. There is, for example, ammonia, in order to make sure that it is a cigarette, the better it burns and the flavour is improving. And the other chemical substances you make sure that is the nicotine faster in to the blood flow.”

“In addition to smoking there are also psychological factors, will continue to be difficult to make. The habit of smoking, for example. This is a hard-to-break routine.”

Smokers say that they smoke they are creating. Is that correct?

“No, no. Typically, a cigarette is just a nice, relaxing feeling, that you are nicotinebehoefte has finally been fulfilled. The need for the nicotine, it gives some sort of stress, and it disappears as soon as you be a cigarette and you take. In the cigarette or from the smoke itself, really doesn’t ontspannends.”

It’s a relaxed feeling that smoking gives, is The Fading due to the nicotinebehoefte has finally been fulfilled. (Image: 123RF)

What are the benefits of quitting smoking?

Smoking gives a higher risk of various health conditions. Chronic inflammation in the lung, and many forms of cancer and heart disease. The risk goes down if you quit smoking for good. It’s never too late to quit smoking. In the short term, it ensures that your condition improves and that you can smell and taste better.”

What is the best way to quit smoking?

“It varies from person to person, is different, because there are a lot of different ways in which people rookverslaafd it. The last came out in a heavy pot smoker in my clinic with a pulmonary emphysema. When I told her that she really needed to quit smoking, did they have that right. Cold turkey. But it doesn’t work for everyone, you know.”

“A number of people will benefit from this reduction, every day, for a couple of cigarettes less and less and eventually not at all smoke. Others will benefit from this online training is that you have to stop the coach. For others it can help of medicines.”

“There is no standard treatment. Talk with your doctor or nurse. That can give you a personal advice, tailor-made advice. I always like to say, in each and every smoke is a year, so it is also in you.”

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